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Saint Joel's Day, October 19. Names for boys

Saint Joel's Day, October 19. Names for boys

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Joel is a name for boys of Hebrew origin which means 'Yahweh is God', although with the use and passage of time, the religious connotations of its meaning have been disappearing. In recent times, Joel is positioning himself as one of the frequent names, and he likes it because he combines tradition with originality. He celebrates his name day on October 19, which is the Saint Joel's day.

Every October 19 You have to give a big hug to all the children you know who are named Joel. It's your saint! However, you have to know that there are many other parents who also celebrate their special day on July 13.

Regarding this name, we have to talk of the prophet Joel. He is considered, like Jonah, Habakkuk or Zechariah, a minor prophet. From him was left the Book of Joel, which contains writings on the Old Testament. However, not much else is known about him. From what the documents seem to dictate, he could have preached in the area of ​​Judah or Jerusalem.

In his honor and because the meaning of his name and sound are so beautiful, Joel is a name that is becoming more and more popular around the world. In fact, you may know a little Joel who was recently born or is about to be born.

The name Joel is known throughout the world with some variations thanks to the biblical tradition. Some of these variants are Yoel, Gioele, Joelin or Xoel, all of them very attractive for any child because they bring an original and distinguished touch to a strong name due to its long tradition.

It may help you to choose the name of your baby to meet the first character named Joel, who was none other than the biblical prophet we were talking about. Although, if we focus on the present, we are left with the Spanish actor Joel Gómez.

We know many other personalities who were named after your son, such as the zoologist Joel Asaph Allen, the sculptor Joel Saphiro or the sociologist Joel Best. Although we find it especially endearing to the American writer Joel Chandler Harris, known for his stories of 'Uncle Remus'.

There are many parents who are betting on compound names lately. It is a tradition that was being lost but that many have recovered according to the nice combinations that can be formed. This is what happens with Joel. Being a short name, with only 4 letters, it works well with almost any name. Look at these that we propose!

- Joel Josué
This compound name makes a nice play on words: two names with Js! Josué is a very elegant name that means 'Yahweh is health'. Of Hebrew origin, many parents choose it for their son in honor of Moses' biblical companion on a road to the Promised Land. His saints are on September 1.

- Joel David
David is a very beautiful name that gives rise to several very frequent and beautiful compound names. Its origin is Hebrew and means 'loved'. There are many days on which its saints are celebrated, but the most celebrated may be December 29.

- Juan Joel
Juan Joel is a very special phonologically name, right? Being two short names, we get an easier combination of names. Juan is a name of Hebrew origin, which has a great weight in the Bible. Furthermore, it means 'the faithful to God'.

- Joel Andrés
Andrés means 'brave man' and comes from classical Greece, no more, no less. By joining him with Joel we get a very original combination of names. It even has a touch of exoticism, right?

- Alberto Joel
And, to finish this list of names that match Joel, we propose a slightly longer option: Alberto Joel. Alberto is a name of German origin that means 'illustrious'.

Do you know what number corresponds to Joel according to numerology? This number, which is obtained from the sum of the different figures corresponding to each letter according to its position in the alphabet, is 6. A beautiful number! As you already know, numerology ensures that people who are related under the same number, have some common traits. Therefore, knowing that Joel's number is 6, we can know some characteristics of his way of being.

All babies who carry the number 6 are usually very emotional, so from the earliest childhood we must work with them emotional intelligence. Being very sensitive, we run the risk that certain behaviors and attitudes of the people around them will harm them. It should also be noted that number 6s have great empathy and a sense of responsibility.

As an extra gift, to finish this article dedicated to all the children named Joel, we have brought you something that can make you excited. And it is that, whether your child has already been born and you have given him this name, or if he is still in your belly and you are considering whether this is the right name for him, you will love it.

And this little gift that we bring you is a story starring a boy named Joel, just like your little one! It is a script for a play that talks to children about values, and more specifically about tolerance, acceptance and inclusion. And it is that both stories and poetry and other literary forms are a great educational resource to transmit different vital teachings to children.

Enjoy it a lot!

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