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The surprising names trends for boys in 2020

The surprising names trends for boys in 2020

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This year, baby boy names are reinvented. The names trends for boys in 2020 they point to nicknames that, despite having a long tradition, sound renewed and original. Discover a little below all the baby names that are most fashionable for babies born this year. By the way, congratulations on your baby!

In 2020 the names of boys have a lot of freshness, but without leaving aside the classic masculine touches that prevail throughout history. In this sense, we will find many classic names from both the Ibero-American and foreign regions, as well as names with adaptations from other languages ​​and modern names that are rarely used.

This 2020 proposes an interesting fusion between the old world and a glimpse into the future, so there is no better way to represent it than with the names of those who are part of that generation. Let's see some clearer examples below.

Let's look at some of the hottest names in 2020 for boys. Will the perfect name for your child be here?

1. Alessandro
It is indisputable that this name is a classic, one of the most attractive, for children. It has its Greek roots in 'Alekho' and 'Andros', so its meaning is 'The defender of men'. It sounds a bit more modern than Alejandro, a variant that we are more used to hearing.

2. Camilo
It seemed like Camilo's name had disappeared, but he's coming back in 2020! This is a masculine proper name of Etruscan and Latin root 'Camillus' whose meaning is 'He who is messengers of God'. We love the biblical names that are so on trend this year.

3. Noel
This name comes from the French adaptation of the Latin 'Natal' which means 'Birth' and refers to the birth of Jesus Christ. Did you know that it was the name given to children born on the date of the nativity? If your baby is born in December 2020, this name is perfect for him.

4. Lucas
Lucas has been used for many years between parents who have a son. However, in 2020 it is more fashionable than ever. Its origin is interesting, since it comes from Greco-Latin and means 'He who is above all races' or 'He who brings enlightenment'.

5. Elijah
This is another name with a lot of history that does not lose its ethereal character, making it a great option for 2020. Its origin comes from the Hebrew 'Eli-yah' and its meaning is 'The instrument of God'.

6. Nicolas
It is a masculine name of Greek origin 'Nike' and 'Laos' that combined means 'He who brings victory to his people'. Don't be surprised if you hear it in 2020 accompanied by another name like Juan or José to form compound names.

7. Fabio
It is a masculine name of Latin origin, which was very popular in the Mediterranean lands, so it is a classic name that is back on trend. Its meaning is 'He who reaps beans'.

In 2020, we are looking for names for boys that have a very modern and current sound. And, for this, many parents have sought options in other languages ​​and cultures. Here are some ideas that are very fashionable.

8. Bastien
This interesting proper name for a man is very popular in the regions of France and Germany, although its origin is Greek and means 'He who is revered and admired'.

9. Alexei
Also of Greek origin, in 2020 you will hear this name to name different babies. It is very original, right? It means 'He who is the defender of man' and is a name widely used in the regions of the former Soviet Union.

10. Kristoff
Central Europe, Norway, Ireland, the United States ... This name is very popular in all these areas. So much so that its popularity has recently spread to the rest of the world. Its origin is Greek and is a reference to those who followed in the footsteps of Christ.

11. Liam
This classic name for boys that we can find in the regions of the United Kingdom. In fact, it is the Irish variant of William or William and its meaning is 'He who is firm of protection'.

12. Enzo
Do you like Enzo? It has been one of the most common names for boys for some years and in 2020 it will repeat. It is a medieval Italian adaptation of the original German name 'Heinz' which means 'He who is prince of his lands'. It is usually a very popular name in Italy, but also in countries like Chile or Argentina.

13. Thiago
It is a classic masculine name of Biblical and Hebrew origin, whose meaning is 'The reward of God'. An interesting fact is that it is a very popular Portuguese name, but it is not known if its variant is Santiago or Diego.

14. Iker
One of the most traditional children's names in Basque culture and one that returns again for everyone in 2020. Its meaning is 'He who is the bearer of good news'. And there is no better news than having a baby as cute as your little one, right?

15. Erick
It is a proper masculine name of German origin, as a variant of 'Frederick' and its meaning is 'The one who rules forever'. It is also a very traditional name in various countries.

16. Paulo
Paulo or Pablo is one of the names that is heard the most in 2020. And it is fashionable and, due to the trend of its popularity, it seems that it will not cease to be. Its origin is Latin and its meaning is related to the small.

17. Adrien
Adrien is a variant of Adrián, another of the big names in trend this year. Its origin is Latin and its meaning refers to the Adriatic Sea.

And when it comes to names for girls, what nicknames are trending? As with the boys, they carry the more modern sounding names like Zuri, Elsa, Selene or Lía.

Do you like the trend that 2020 brings for male names?

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