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16 powerful names for girls in 2020 that are VERY in fashion

16 powerful names for girls in 2020 that are VERY in fashion

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As with clothing, food or music, when it comes to children's names there are also trends that change every year. What is it in this year? We have made a compilation of the names for girls in 2020 that are very fashionable so you know what to call your baby. In addition, we have not forgotten to tell you the meaning and origin of each of the options so that choosing or discarding is easier.

In 2020, the names that mix a classic, but also modern part are carried. That is, it takes that the names have a tradition and a history behind but are updated to this day. On the other hand, it is intended that they have an element of surprise or originality that does not make you lose the simplicity and simplicity in the names of both boys and girls. In this sense, the fashionable names are traditional but we can also find some variations to these or little used classic names but that have a daring meaning.

The tradition becomes creative and attractive, so don't discount the idea of ​​popular and classic names for girls that you can give an interesting twist to make them look like the best trend that can rule during 2020. If your baby is born this year , congratulations!

Let's see all these names! Some of them will surprise you, but others you will understand perfectly that they are so fashionable.

1. Amalia
This classic name for girls is a feminine name of Greek origin and widely used in the Hellenic period, its meaning is 'She who is lovingly delicate'. It's one of those names that convey a lot of affection, right?

2. Amaranta
This is a beautiful name for girls with a very ethereal air. Like the previous name, its roots are also Greek, more specifically it comes from 'Amaratós'. Its meaning is 'She who never withers'. A lovely name for your little flower.

3. Olivia
This name is of Latin origin and its meaning is 'She who guards peace' and despite being a Latin name, it is very popular in English regions. Its popularity started a few years ago, but as of 2020, it is still one of those TOP names.

4. Elsa
An interesting little heard but very interesting classic name for girls, it is of Hebrew origin 'Eli' and 'Zabad', meaning 'Consecrated to the abundance of God'. This name is very fashionable in 2020 for the famous Disney movie 'Frozen'.

5. Emma
We love this name! It comes from the German 'Ermin' and is a feminine proper name, whose meaning is 'She who is strong'. A classic option that is still very current. Do you know any girl with this name?

6. Irene
A beautiful classic girls name that is a great option for 2020. Its origin is Greek and means 'Woman who brings peace'. Ideal for your little one.

7. Celia
Of Etruscan origin 'Celi' and Latin 'Cælium', it is a feminine proper name and Spanish variant of it. Its meaning is 'The September sky'. Although any girl born in this year could be called this way, if it is September, the name acquires even more meaning.

8. Selene
It is a feminine proper name of Greek origin and a little used beautiful classical name. Its meaning is 'Moonlight' and refers to the goddess of the moon. If that sounds like a long name, you can use Sele or Lene as a diminutive. Originality to power!

Foreign inspiration is still very much present in 2020, only this time it has a wider range. And it is that there are very varied names in their origin that are in fashion: English, German, Basque ... Some of them are:

9. Zuri
This interesting name for girls has its origin in Basque roots and means 'White' referring to purity. We can also find many variations of this name in other languages, such as Suri.

10. Aitana
A beautiful different option, this great feminine name is of Basque origin, more specifically it comes from 'Aintzane'. In countries like Spain, it is becoming increasingly fashionable. Did you know that it is a variant of the name Gloria?

11. Adalia
A beautiful classic German name that means 'She who is noble' but also has a Hebrew origin, whose meaning is 'Yaveh is righteous'. If you like names of biblical origin, this may be a very trendy option in 2020.

12. Agatha
A very interesting name of foreign origin, it comes from 'Agathé' whose meaning is 'She who is kind'. If you want to form a compound name from this nickname, you can choose names like: Agatha María or Noa Agatha.

13. Lucy
It is the English form of Lucía and also its diminutive in Spanish, which is an interesting twist to the name. Its origin is from the Latin 'Lux' and means 'The illuminated one'. It couldn't be more fashionable!

14. Sophie
This name is the English variant of Sofia and also the diminutive of Sophia. Great option (and very fashionable) in 2020! Its origin is Greek and its meaning is 'She who possesses wisdom'.

15. Lia
It's a Spanish variant of the English name Leah, so you can use it both ways. Its meaning is 'Lover' and it comes from the Hebrew 'Le'Ah'.

16. Noa
This unisex name has been around for some time but this year it is still very fashionable. Its roots are Hebrew and its meaning 'Delight'. Beautiful!

And when it comes to names for boys in 2020, where are the trends pointing? The truth is that they continue to follow the same path as names for girls: modern names that, despite everything, have a long tradition behind. We refer to names like Enzo, Paulo, Erick or Fabio.

What is your favorite trend of names for girls what does this 2020 bring?

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