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Preparing children for school each morning is equivalent to a day's work

Preparing children for school each morning is equivalent to a day's work

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I like to wake up each morning calmly. For this reason, although I don't have to wake my daughters until 8:00 a.m., I do it around 7:00 a.m. to shower and have a quiet breakfast, but many times it is in vain. They wake up earlier and then the daily hustle begins: heat the milk, make the juice, prepare their snack and my food, dress them, check the backpack ... Come on, when I see them enter through the door of their school I already I'm exhausted and, as a study says, preparing children for school each morning is equivalent to a day's work.

How is it possible that two hours of your life consume so much? And I always say that children suck all the energy out of us. It was a theory that I had, but that is reinforced by a recent survey published in which it has been discovered that, those few hours you spend with those cheerful and talkative little people who every morning ask, beg and implore to give themselves Hurry to brush your teeth or put on your shoes because you will be late to school, they add an extra day of work each week.

It is hard to assimilate, because it is an unpaid job (we always have his smile and his goodbye kiss), but it is true. Probably the study, in which more than 2,000 parents from the United States participated, does not surprise you at all because you already noticed it every day, but there are some details in this research that can make you think and / or reflect.

Do you know that at the end of the course each parent will have expressed an average of 540 times the expression, 'Hurry up'? And another piece of information: Could you quantify the number of tasks an adult performs each morning? 43! You already know everything that is included in this pack, right? (I have already listed some of them above, but others, such as defrosting what you will have for dinner, ironing the little girl's white polo shirt or signing the authorization for your eldest son's excursion were missing). Of course, I will tell you that one of those that occurs most often is that of staining clothes while the child eats breakfast and, of course, later scrubbing them and putting them in the washing machine. It usually happens about twice a week, does that sound familiar?

Starting the day with so much stress and having eight hours of work hours ahead, plus an hour going and another one back from home to work, taking them to the different extra-collars and preparing dinner for that night, it is not surprising that at 10.30 pm-11.00 pm at the latest I'm already tucked into my bed and praying that the next morning my daughters can hold out until 8 am (let's cross our fingers!).

It is clear that this situation is what it is, that I have chosen it because I wanted to, but it is always good to hear - in this case read - that I am not the only mother who feels overloaded, and in my case I have to say that I have the help of my partner and, above all, of grandfather Lidio, grandmother Tere and aunt Juani. My guardian angels!

Many times we don't drown a glass of water and with stress and overwhelm we can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. As I have lived in first person the rush of taking the children to school, I think I know what I am talking about and, therefore, I have allowed myself the luxury of elaborating a series of tips to reduce the drama of the matter. I hope they serve you!

- Keep calm and set the pace yourself
Surely the screams have accompanied you more than one morning. Probably they have not served you at all and it may even be that they have produced the opposite effect, creating insecurity and frustration in your daughters at the time, for example, of buttoning the skirt. That is why it is best to remain calm and talk with your children about that new state of peace in which you find yourself. Important warning: it takes more time and patience, so time your times well.

- Stay ahead of events
The only thing that rush can do is that you don't get to everything, like you forget to put your dance clothes on and your daughter has to rehearse with the tracksuit (I know, the world is not ending either). To avoid this type of situation, at home, for some time, we review it and leave everything ready the day before. In this way, we go with a little more margin if an unforeseen event arises.

- Involve your child in daily tasks
We must teach children to fend for themselves and show them that they have to be autonomous and independent people. Make a list of all the tasks that need to be done each morning and, according to the child's age, distribute them. Very important: don't forget to congratulate him on every achievement he achieves. It will motivate you to do things better every day.

- Be consistent and create a routine
Children, like many older adults, need a routine to learn how different processes work. Hence, I recommend that you establish a way of proceeding until the child has taken up the habit and habit of doing certain daily tasks. As it adapts to all of them, you can modify some of them, if necessary.

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