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Beautiful prayers full of faith to get pregnant

Beautiful prayers full of faith to get pregnant

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Sometimes, as much as we want it, the pregnancy is not achieved. Faith moves mountains and devout people can bear witness to it, finding refuge, consolation and guides both sacred and effective in their conversations with God and in their deep prayers to the Virgin or to the angels. Therefore, below we have compiled some prayers charged with faith that will help pray to all women seeking to become pregnant.

Believe it or not, one of the miracles for which many couples and even single women yearn for, is that of Be parents. Despite the fact that reproductive biology is very abundant and technologies are more and more advanced, there are many couples who cannot have or maintain a pregnancy and that can be very frustrating, precisely because of the world full of blessings that surrounds them.

If you find yourself in this same situation and you feel that you can no longer give more of yourself, don't quit just yet! Take some time to reconnect with yourself, forge an even stronger relationship with your partner, and give your body time to prepare to procreate. In this way you can rebuild your faith, be calmer and invite your partner to pray together for that baby they long for.

1. Find peace
We all tend to make the same mistake all the time: desperately asking for something and this instead of benefiting us brings us both physical and emotional repercussions, due to the stress it produces. So the first step to begin to pray is to achieve a state of tranquility, in this way the body will be relaxed and will work better.

2. Find a guide
The second is to have spiritual assistance, especially if you do not know who to pray to or when to pray. Join a prayer group, go to church and talk as a couple with a priest to lead you on the best path of blessings.

3. Ask and all doors will be opened
Finally, get to work. Find a quiet and peaceful place to pray, find the time of day that best suits you, where you can disconnect and be alone or with your partner. Also remember to ask not to demand, being humble and grateful have a very powerful effect on prayers.

4. Don't stop going to the doctor
Keep in mind that miracles, as I said before, do not happen alone, you should take care of yourself and go to your gynecologist to see the best options, care and treatments in pregnancy. Who says you can't put medicine and faith together? They are two powerful weapons that will help you and your partner fulfill the dream of being parents.

- Prayer to God

Dear God, creator of humans, whom you wanted,

by the work and grace of the holy spirit, your child was born of the Virgin Mary

and with his grace, save us all.

Free us from the doubt of original sin and with your will

heed the call of our heart

full of the desire to conceive our child

We cheer for your mercy to achieve this dream

So our beautiful son grows up, as we guide him

and we educate in the way of faith and hope.

Lord God of love and life,

help us as you did with so many,

like Hannah, mother of Samuel and Sarah mother of Isaac,

we ask you to bless our bodies

so that you grant us the grace to have our longed-for child.


- Prayer to the Archangel Gabriel
This is one of the best known and most effective according to the most faithful parishioners, since it was the Archangel Gabriel who announced to Mary that she would be the mother of Jesus.

Dear Archangel Gabriel, come and surround us with your enlightened angels.

I ask you with humility and gratitude that your luminous presence

can grant me blessed news about my motherhood,

just like you did with our beloved Virgin Mary.

I ask for your help and your white angels so that we can fulfill

with the dream of being parents,

and my husband and I can conceive with love

to our long-awaited son.

We thank you because I am convinced

that my beloved request has a positive response from you.

Beloved archangel Gabriel, you will always go in our hearts

and in that of our future son

as a sign of our appreciation.


- Prayer to the Holy Virgin
This prayer is made as a request to the Virgin of the Assumption and it is recommended to do it just after the prayer to Gabriel Arcángel.

I put myself in your hands in total surrender,

with all the desire and love for you from my heart,

because I believe in your infinite goodness.

Our Lady I ask faithfully that you can fulfill for me

the divine mandate to grow and multiply,

I beg you in this beautiful prayer,

Virgin of sweet waiting, help me with the grace of motherhood.

Intercede for me before Almighty God,

so that his life plan is carried out within me,

Grant me Holy Virgin, patience and serenity

and receive the joy of getting pregnant.

Holy Virgin Mary, of Immaculate Conception

that you carried our savior in your womb,

intercede for me and reach with me

the grace of getting pregnant and being a mother.


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