What kind of mother are you according to your Halloween costume

What kind of mother are you according to your Halloween costume

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I don't know about you, but I love celebrating Halloween. Find a different costume every year, prepare tasty and mysterious recipes, decorate the house in a terrifying way ... Traditionally, the festival of the undead has been associated with a party for children, but that does not mean that mothers have to miss all the fun. Did you know that your Halloween costume tells you what kind of mother you are?

What would you think if I told you that Halloween characters and moms have some (if not many) things in common? They are both powerful, often magical, a bit misunderstood, and all of them are forced to survive in the best possible way. Sound like it, right?

After this little reflection, Which of the classic Halloween monsters do you think is named after you? Find out and get to know yourself a little more as a mother. You will have a terrifyingly fun time!

You are the typical mother who is always there when your children have a problem, when they are in trouble, about to get into a problem, when they need a hug or a comfort kiss and, even, you appear by surprise when they least expect it . Sometimes it's a little scary, and you can often be seen wandering around the house screaming, complaining, crying ... But whatever the situation you have to face, your children can see right through you ( pun intended) and they know how much you love them.

Everyone is inexplicably drawn to you. You are charismatic and charming, a cunning and sometimes dangerous creature! You prefer nights to days, as if the sun's rays gave you an allergy! And just as vampires require regular meals of blood, you can also be found sucking on a life-giving substance: coffee. (What do you expect after all those late nights because your children are scared, want to drink water, or are still breastfeeding?)

You would never have thought that raising one, two or three children could be so tiring. But in your case this circumstance does not limit you and you draw strength from where there is none to continue doing a lot of things with your little ones. You are unstoppable! This is hands down the most appropriate Halloween costume for new parents who are still getting used to their new roles.

You are like a normal mother most of the time (you get up, go to work, pick up the children, make dinner, read them a story ...), but you have something that nobody knows and that makes you transform into another person, in someone who loses his temper (for werewolves, obviously this is the full moon). For you, they can be members of your household who leave their dirty socks in the living room, or who take a long time to put on their shoes when you are already late ...

You are intense, eloquent, reflective, poetic and sensitive, but people do not always understand it that way and they can brand you as someone superficial and all because it is difficult for you to express yourself in front of others. You are not the most popular in the school whatsapp group, but that does not matter to you because as long as you have a good relationship with your children and with your relatives, the rest is unnecessary!

You are a cunning, resourceful and wise woman who has the magical ability to conjure up everything that is needed and, of course, that makes your children angry when they do not have something they wanted. Of course, you get strength from your friends, all equally intelligent and misunderstood mothers in raising children. What is a witch without her coven?

You could say that you are a classic and traditional mother, but that is not a bad thing. Your children are your priority, your heartbeat, your reason for giving thanks to life every day. And is that your love for them, like the mummified body of a pharaoh, is eternal.

You and only you are the backbone (literally) of your family. Nothing would happen if it weren't for you: planning, executing, and then planning some more. You keep everyone together, everyone, and you keep the family moving forward because you like to build together.

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Headless woman
Since you are a mother, there are days when you wake up and you don't know where your head is and, above all, you don't know if you will get it back, heh, heh, heh ... Although some see you as a lost cause, they are very wrong ! Nothing prevents you from chasing your dreams and doing what you have to do at all times: taking the children to the doctor, helping them with their homework, preparing a delicious birthday cake ...

Naughty goblin
Having kids didn't rob you of your sense of humor - you love jokes and are generally popular for your wacky antics. Chaos tends to follow you wherever you go, but in an endearing way. You have the perfect energy to raise children and to know how to rescue them from a problem before everything explodes.

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