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And the rainbow baby arrived after his mother suffered thirteen miscarriages

And the rainbow baby arrived after his mother suffered thirteen miscarriages

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She is now nine months old, but little Ivo and Laura's journey to be together has been long and difficult. Know the history of this rainbow baby who arrived after his mother suffered thirteen miscarriages. We want to highlight the case of Laura as an example of how women in the same situation and with the same adversities can have successful pregnancies.

Eleven of Laura Worsley's pregnancies ended in the first trimester, but she also lost two children at 17 and 20 weeks. Why was this circumstance occurring? Professor Siobhan Quenby, a fertility expert, discovered that she had two conditions that affected her ability to have children and accompanied Laura and Dave on the path to their dream: having a rainbow baby. 'Even now, nine months later, I can't believe it's really mine,' says the 35-year-old mother.

In 2008 the couple suffered the anguish of their first miscarriage. 'They said that when it happened the third time, they knew something was wrong,' they explain. Doctors advised them to keep trying but, after their fourth pregnancy ended in the first trimester, they were referred to the fertility department at Coventry University Hospital and the Warwickshire Biomedical Research Unit.

After several studies, Laura was found to have antiphospholipid syndrome, also known as 'sticky blood syndrome', which can cause recurrent pregnancy loss. "We were told that a high dose of folic acid could fix it, but it didn't," explains Laura, whose continued pregnancies never progressed beyond a few weeks.

"We participated in the trials, we did all the tests and we tried different drugs, hoping that something would work," he says. And it seems that they bore some fruit because two pregnancies reached beyond week 12, but the couple lost their children, Graceson and Leo, in 2015 and 2017. 'I couldn't believe it, thank goodness I had the support of Dave, 'this woman remembers.

The doctors examined Leo's placenta and the results showed that Laura also had Chronic Histiocytic Intervilositis (CHI), that is, she had a lesion in it. Another blow for this couple! 'I wasn't sure I wanted to try again, But Professor Quenby said that she had helped other women and that the results had been satisfactory. I thought if there was any hope, I had to try again. I talked to Dave about this and he felt the same. I thought to myself: this is the last time I try to get pregnant. After taking medication to improve the lining of Laura's uterus, the couple conceived naturally for the 14th time.

Laura and Dave didn't dare to dream for this pregnancy to work. 'We didn't really tell anyone. It was the hardest to maintain, but also the hardest to share. I believed that if we communicated it to people, we would spoil everything, 'said Laura.

When the pregnancy was in the 30th week, Laura's waters broke. Ivy came to this world by cesarean section without her mother, under general anesthesia, being able to see her, since she was directly taken to the neonatal intensive care incubator. She was tiny and didn't weigh 2 kilos! 'My husband saw her first and he showed me a picture of her when I woke up,' says Laura, adding: 'It was three days before I could hug her.'

New parents were warned that Ivy could develop sepsis, but she continued to evolve. 'I just thought she was a fighter,' her mother explains. It was two months before Dr. Quenby dared to visit Ivy. 'I was delighted that she was here, but I couldn't bear to see her until I was sure she was okay. I would ask the nurses to come see her for me and they will tell me how she was doing, I was too scared! '' Explains Quenby.

After 11 weeks in the hospital, which included recovery from bronchiolitis, Ivy went home. 'I look at her and think that miracles happen'says Laura. "Through my story, I want to give other couples the hope and strength to continue in their purpose, even when things seem impossible."

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