Please don't leave the baby always in the same position

Surely more than one day in which you have been in a hurry for time, you have left your little one in the maxicosi so you can shower or prepare food, right? As long as it is done sporadically nothing happens, but please, don't always leave the baby in the same position for long periods of time. The consequences for their development can be dire.

He Retained or content baby syndrome (CBS stands for Container Baby Syndrome) also called busy parent syndrome it is a relatively new term. It is used to refer to the different conditions caused in those babies that are left for long periods of time in the same position or in a contained space created especially for them, such as seats or high chairs to eat, car baby carriers , rocking chairs, vibrating chairs, strollers, swings and jumpers, to name just a few of the many that exist.

In order for parents to be able to carry out their routine activities comfortably, they have peace of mind regarding the 'safety of their children' and that they are not in danger while the elderly carry out some activity (be it cooking, working at home or being able to household chores), many adults choose to leave children in these objects mentioned above.

For those who work from home or have to carry out any activity without stress, it is practical, since their hands will be free for everything, resulting in an easy way to transport our children. They keep them close to them, they can monitor them, observe them without having to get up and move around while they are with 'their things'.

Therefore, this practice is beneficial for parents, but not so much for babies, as it can cause problems in their behavior, development and even malformations, especially in the head, which can be flattened by always adopting the same position for long periods.

On the other hand, always leave the baby in the same position It can interfere with the acquisition of skills that they will learn throughout their growth, such as walking, jumping, crawling, climbing, running, causing them to learn late, that is, they cause a global delay in development by not stimulating the muscles (muscular hypotonia), especially those of the head and neck.

Another negative consequence of the little one spending a long time in the same position is that he keeps his head against the object on which he is placed and this does not allow him to develop good control of his head, or his trunk. This situation can cause positional torticollis in the baby, decreased muscle strength and coordination, problems in the development of sensory skills such as hearing and vision, and can even lead to the child becoming overweight by limiting their physical activity.

It must be taken into account that the retained baby syndrome It is totally preventable and short-term and long-term consequences avoided! Therefore, the American Physical Therapy Association recommends the following for its prevention:

- Limit baby's time in containers: high chairs, car seats, maxicosi ... This does not mean that you cannot use them, but it does mean that they are restricted to short periods of time while the baby is going to be transported.

- Place the baby more time on his tummy when awake (not when falling asleep because it increases the risk of sudden infant death).

- Allow the baby to play on the floor with a blanket (under adult supervision).

- Carry the baby in your arms instead of placing them longer in these containers.

Unfortunately we are in a time where life goes so fast that we want to do everything at once, and buy time in any way to be able to meet all the demands of day to day; But it is important that we strike a balance and plan and thus avoid consequences for our children. Prevention is in our hands!

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