The quality that cannot be lacking in a teacher according to parents

The quality that cannot be lacking in a teacher according to parents

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I have been fortunate to have several great teachers throughout my school years that I will never forget. Eduardo, who was my Spanish language and philosophy teacher when I was 12 or 13 years old, forever marked my way of thinking. And it is that teachers are a guide, an inspiration, a constant and very important example for children.

I would like my children, at some point during their time at school, to be fortunate to find a teacher like my Eduardo. Which has led me to wonder what made him such a good teacher. What is the most important quality of a teacher and what is the one that parents value the most?

To answer these two questions we have counted on your opinions. Some time ago, we published a survey in the form of a story on our Instagram account (I take the opportunity to invite you to follow us on the profile @guiainfantilcom). In it we asked all parents what they think it is the most important quality of a teacher. Thank you very much to all of you who participated!

These are some of the most repeated responses in order from most to least:

1. Patience
By far the virtue that parents value most from teachers is ... patience! And there are many of us who ask ourselves every day how teachers are capable of ‘surviving’ a class of 20 or 30 children, if we can barely hold out without getting on our nerves having only one little one at home.

2. Empathy
Second, the characteristic most repeated by the parents participating in this survey was empathy. This is one of the keys to children's learning, since it allows the teacher to put himself in the shoes of his students and understand what is preventing them from learning or what would allow them to go further.

3. Love
Very close to empathy, we find love essential for a teacher. "Love for her work and love for her students," specified one of our mother followers. And it is that when the classroom is filled with an environment full of love and happiness, it is easier to learn.

4. Comprehension
A teacher who is unable to understand his students or who does not know how to listen will never be able to give children what they need to learn and grow in the classroom. Therefore, it is one of the qualities most repeated by parents.

5. Appropriate resources
More down-to-earth dads have highlighted the need for teachers to have the appropriate resources to bring all knowledge to children. And here, I would add the quality that they need to be creative, as it is essential to present the exercises in a more attractive way for children. In our site we have activities, stories, tips and other very useful educational resources to inspire all teachers.

6. Responsibility
When a teacher stands in front of his class, he must know that he has a very important task at hand: to train those who will be the future. You must be aware of the great influence you have on children, who consider you their figure to follow. And remembering Stan Lee, we will say that "with great power comes great responsibility."

7. Vocation
We close this ranking of the most appreciated qualities (although we have received as many responses) with an essential word when describing a teacher: vocation. A teacher who has no vocation can never give himself up to the class and give everything for the students under his charge.

At a time when it seems that parents and teachers are facing each other, on different sides, it is important that we use a little of that empathy that we have demanded of them and put ourselves in their place. That way, we will realize how much we have to thank you.

Thanks to all the teachers in the world! Thanks Eduardo!

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