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Surprise cake or cupcake to find out the sex of the baby

Surprise cake or cupcake to find out the sex of the baby

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Organizing a party of friends and family to find out the sex of the baby is the latest, the most cool in events to enjoy all the events that surround the world of pregnancy and baby. Discovering the sex of the baby is something so special for a couple, that ... no more meeting him in a cold way in the ultrasound room of the clinic or hospital!

If tears of happiness or excitement fall when you hear the news, the expectant parents can hardly hug, jump for joy, or comfort each other while she is on the table with the gel on her pregnant belly.

Given the uncomfortable situation of this situation, they have devised thegender-reveal party, special celebrations to know the sex of the baby, where the couple can feel supported by their best friends and loved ones, where it is possible to unleash their emotions and cry in the warmth of yours, surrounded by hugs and kisses .

Instead of knowing the sex of your baby through the voice of the sonographer or after opening an envelope, it is precisely this sealed envelope that couples give to a pastry chef to prepare a cake, cake or sweet, depending on the tastes of the couple, with a detail in pink, if the future baby will be a girl, which appears with the XX symbol or in blue, if it will be a boy and bears the XY symbol.

However, regardless of the emotional side of the matter, many astute already rub their hands with this business. Event and party organizers, pastry chefs and toy and game companies have already set to work to offer new parents alternatives to discover the baby's gender in a fun way.

At the moment, the most common is that parents decide to discover the gender of their baby through a surprise cake or surprise cupcakes and we know that in New York there are already a dozen bakeries that offer this service, which includes an elaborate decoration of the cake with blue or pink bows on the outside. To add excitement to the moment, pastry chefs add pink or blue food coloring to the inside of the candy, so that the sex of the baby is not known until the cake is cut.

And who has had this magnificent idea? The Anglo-Saxons. According to an article published by the newspaperThe New York Times, these types of celebrations are becoming more frequent among those under 35 years of age. It does not surprise me that in a generation accustomed to sharing their life on social networks like Facebook, gender-reveal party be an original way to share too one of the most special moments of his life, which can be collected in photos and videos to publish and keep as a souvenir. Nothing to do with receiving the news in a cold room of a medical consultation.

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