Games to teach colors and numbers to 3-year-olds

Games to teach colors and numbers to 3-year-olds

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The educational development of the child goes through different phases. To the 3 years, a child is ready to learn to count some objects and a little earlier he will have begun to be interested in colors. It is time to teach your child to distinguish colors and to know the numbers to count.

Learn to tell or to distinguish the colors it doesn't have to be a boring and expensive task. We can teach our children through fun techniques, with stories, with songs and with games. Even with poetry! In this way, in addition to learning, the children will have fun and we will be enjoying precious time with them.

Before learning to count, the child can learn to recognize numbers. Draw the numbers on cardboard and play with him until he learns what each number is. To learn how to write the numbers, it is best to imitate the number on the cardboard by drawing it with your finger in the sand or on a blackboard, but always with a big size.

Once he knows what the numbers are like, he will have to be taught to count. You can learn to count through fun games:

1. Building block game

An example is counting the pieces, for example, of your building block set. We can ask him to place a certain number of pieces and thus he will learn the amounts.

2. Drawings

The cardboard with drawings will be our best allies when it comes to teach counting to our kids.

3. Children's songss

We can also use nursery rhymes to learn numbers. A way of learning with which they will hardly notice the effort.

4. Daily activities

And on a day-to-day basis, we can take advantage of any opportunity to ask you to take a certain number of things, such as cutlery for the whole family at lunchtime or to put a napkin in front of each guest.

For children to learn colors we have a large number of original games and techniques:

1. Color day

One of the ones we like the most is establishing the color day. We choose a color that will be the predominant color throughout the day, choosing clothes of that color and pointing out all the objects of that same color that we have around the house.

2. I see I see

Another fun game to learn colors is an adaptation of the classic 'I see I see', but this time with colors. A color is chosen, for example red and the child has to 'see' all the things that are close to that color.

3. Drawings

Although, as with the learning of numbers, the drawings inthe cardboard they are always a great option. By drawing representative objects of each color, children will learn to differentiate it quickly.

4. Daily activities

Color learning can be reinforced during other daily activities reminding the child of what color each thing is.

5. Children's stories

At story time, we can ask you to identify the colors that appear in the story we are telling you.

Once colors are established in the child's life, we can go one step further and teach them colors in English through fun songs.

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