How To Choose The Healthiest Cookies For Kids' Breakfast

How To Choose The Healthiest Cookies For Kids' Breakfast

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Cookies or breakfast cereals intended for children usually have a big problem: sugar. Unfortunately, sugar increases the attractiveness of most of these products, making them irresistible for the children's palate, and, when such high amounts of sugar should only be consumed on special occasions - the minimum possible -, we are offering them to the little ones in the house of daily way. On our site we ask ourselves what to do to choose the healthiest biscuits for children's breakfast.

Breakfast is the meal that ends the fasting period to which we subject the body during the night. While this is important, it is not at all The most important meal of the day, but it is one that you have to take special care of and not skip.

After a night's rest (usually more than 10 hours in the case of children), the body's energy levels are at their minimum levels, so a healthy and balanced energy intake is necessary, without forgetting hydration, too to a minimum after spending so many hours without drinking water.

Among the options many parents choose are the cookies, that in a traditional way we can find in the breakfast aisles of supermarkets, accompanying other foods such as breakfast cereals.

There are other foods that are much more suitable for offer our children for breakfast, such as bread toast with oil or tomato, "natural" cereals without added sugar, leftovers from the previous day's dinner or a simple ham sandwich.

It is easy for the child to adapt to this new habit and eat something other than cookies or cereal. However, when we choose cookies for our children, we can be guided by a few simple tips to try to find the healthiest cookies of which we see on the display.

- Sugar
The ingredients of the cookies, as well as any other product, are listed on the label in order, depending on the amount that the cookie itself contains. Thus, the later the dreaded "sugar" appears, the less they contain. If the cookies have the sugar listed second, it's best to discard them and move on to examining another box.

- Carbohydrates
Cookies can be made with refined or whole grains. Preferably, we will choose those that contain whole grains, not only because they provide some micronutrient more than their refined counterparts, but because of the interesting contribution of fiber, a nutrient that is not always easy to provide in the children's diet.

- Chocolate
It is another of the great attractions of cookies and we must be careful because it can add even more sugar to it. When choosing cookies with chocolate, whether they are filled or with pieces of chocolate, such as the typical American cookies, we should avoid as far as possible those that contain white and milk chocolate, leaning towards those that contain dark chocolates. However, be careful and read the label carefully as this can be a double-edged sword, and even more sugar may have been added to counteract the bitterness of the high-cocoa chocolate.

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