Sexual abuse of boys and girls

Sexual abuse of boys and girls

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Child sexual abuse is defined as contacts and interactions between a child and an adult when the adult (the abuser) uses the child to sexually stimulate himself, the child, or another person. Sexual abuse can also be committed by a person under the age of 18 when this is significantly older than the child (victim) or when the aggressor is in a position of power or control over another. (National Center of Child Abuse and Neglect-1978).

Sexual abuse is any form of physical contact with or without carnal access, with contact and without physical contact carried out without violence or intimidation and without consent. Can be:

- Vaginal, oral and anal penetration

- Digital penetration

- caresses

- Explicit verbal propositions

Sexual abuse of children can happen in the family, at the hands of a parent, stepparent, brother or other person; or outside the house, for example, by a friend or classmate, the person who takes care of him, a neighbor, or a stranger ...

However, when sexual abuse has occurred, the child develops a variety of distressing thoughts and ideas.No child is psychologically prepared to cope with sexual stimulation. In We have collected all the information you need to detect this problem in time.

Prevent child sexual abuse. Tips to prevent sexual abuse of children. How to detect a situation of child sexual abuse. Tips to prevent sexual abuse of boys and girls.

Against child sexual abuse, denounce. The great conspirators in the sexual abuse of minors are shame and silence. It is outrageous to think that after so many years of abuse and rape of children, after so much material found in videos and photographs, which count the number of children who have suffered abuse by dozens, it has been shame and silence that have masked a damage that could have been stopped earlier.

Signs that indicate sexual abuse in children. How to know if your child is being sexually abused. How to identify sexual abuse of children. Physical and behavioral signs and indicators that may indicate possible sexual abuse of children. Through drawings, children can also express that they are being sexually abused.

Talk to children about sexual abuse. Talk to your children about sexual abuse. In GuiaInfantil we explain how to talk with children and how to explain to children what sexual abuse is.

Protect children from sexual abuse. How to prevent sexual abuse of children within and outside the family. The right to protection of children. Sexual abuse is any sexual activity with or without violence between an adult and a minor, or between two minors when one exercises power over the other.

No to child sexual abuse. Child abuse is one of the great concerns of parents at the beginning of the century. And is not for less. Every day more and more cases of sexual abuse of boys and girls are known.

Education against abuse. Sexual abuse of children. I believe that the silence that surrounds the issue of abuse suffered by more boys and girls every day is broken as we, parents and also teachers, educate and encourage children to denounce, to 'shout', when someone does something that bothers them or that they don't like.

Consequences of sexual abuse in children. What happens to a child who has suffered sexual abuse. The consequences of sexual abuse in childhood. Help and advice for parents on child sexual abuse. How to identify the action of pedophiles. Symptoms, behavior changes that identify possible sexual abuse of children.

Keys to avoid child sexual abuse. Sexual abuse is any sexual activity with or without violence between an adult and a minor, or between two minors when one exercises power over the other. It is also forcing, coercing or persuading a child to engage in any type of sexual activity. How to protect children from sexual abuse.

How to talk about sex with children. How and at what age parents should start talking about sex with their children. When children start asking questions about sex, we give you some tips to facilitate this communication between them, with the help of the psychologist Mónica Poblador.

How to respond to children about sex. It is convenient to talk about sex with your children from the moment he begins to know his body and to name it. Sex education of children. For children it is very important that each part of their body has a name and not a nickname.

Dangers of sexting. Children's access to new technologies occurs at an earlier age and we are no longer surprised to see children between 10 and 12 years old using the computer with great ease, talking with smartphone and children of about 7-8 years with tablets or ipod.

Protect children from pedophiles. Pedophiles tend to approach children with tricks and tricks that they often cannot resist. How to educate our children against pedophilia. Teach children to protect themselves from child abuse.

How to identify a pedophile. How to defend children from pedophiles and pedophiles. Safety is a right of all children. our site has selected some tips on how parents can identify a pedophile and pedophile, and protect their children.

Unmask a pedophile. One of the main risks that children face online is pedophilia. That is why the emphasis is on prevention. The Internet is free and pedophiles also surf freely. Sweetie was born to discover them, a virtual girl who has managed to identify hundreds of them.

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