How gestational diabetes affects the baby

Gestational diabetes is usually diagnosed between week 26 and 28 of pregnancy after performing the O'Sullivan Test on the future mother. This test will indicate your blood glucose level. If the values ​​are high, the woman is said to have gestational diabetes.

It is not a serious disease but it does require a treatment based on diet and exercise to control it and thus avoid unnecessary risks for the baby that is growing in the uterus.

Is the baby in danger if the mother has gestational diabetes? About two-thirds of the mother's sugar goes to the baby. If the mother has high blood sugar levels, that extra dose of glucose can overload the child's pancreas and produce more insulin. This will affect the development of the baby, who may grow larger than normal and be larger than average.

What will delivery be like if the pregnant woman has diabetes? If the woman has been controlled during the pregnancy and has followed the medical indications, there does not have to be any difference between her delivery and that of another woman. However, if the woman has not controlled her diabetes and the baby is very large, the delivery will most likely be by cesarean section.

Will the baby suffer in delivery if it is very large? In the case of babies born with more than 4 kilos, clavicle fractures or other injuries have occurred when passing through the birth canal.

Is the baby at risk of hypoglycemia at birth? If the sugar doses were not controlled in pregnancy, the baby at birth may have hypoglycemia. The doctor will perform a test as soon as you are born to check your blood sugar level and you will be medicated to balance it if necessary.

Can the baby have jaundice at birth? Yes, it is a yellowing of the skin and the eye because there is an excess of bilirubin in the blood.

How likely is the baby to be diabetic in the future? The baby is more likely to develop diabetes or obesity later on as the mother can pass the disease on to her child.

What other problems could the baby have? You could be born with breathing problems, trouble keeping your body warm, nausea, or vomiting.

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