Nausea in pregnancy. What to drink to avoid them

Nausea in pregnancy. What to drink to avoid them

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During the pregnancy, it is very common to suffer nausea in the morning, so much so that more than 50% of women go through this trance. Themorning vomiting They tend to be aggravated in situations of stress, fatigue or anxiety, and they are also usually more pronounced in multiple pregnancies, although their initial appearance is completely random. Why do they occur? What to eat or drink to relieve nausea in pregnancy?

Some studies suggest that hormonal changes that women undergo are responsible for the appearance of nausea during pregnancy although obviously they are not the only one. In some cases, it is only during the first weeks of pregnancy, when a woman's body produces high amounts of the hormone chorionic gonadotropin, that nausea is evident.

Later, upon reaching week 12-14, when the placenta begins to function fully, these cease. In other cases, other hormones, such as estrogens and thyroxine, are involved in the appearance of these typical discomforts of this period of a woman's life, causing them to last until the middle of pregnancy; Additionally, there are other cases with more severe and intense symptoms, in which nausea can last all day and throughout pregnancy.

Although there is medication that the gynecologist can prescribe for the most serious cases, in many cases the diet itself can help us control nausea and vomiting.

Let's see the 6 drinks that are the most appropriate to alleviate those discomforts in pregnancy:

Carbonated drinks
For some reason that is not easily explained, carbonated drinks settle the stomach during pregnancy, so it can be useful to keep a bottle of sparkling water very cool in the refrigerator, and to reach for it when you get up.

Ginger tea, especially when combined with lemon, can become an indispensable ally for pregnant women during the first trimester.

Water with a lemon wedge
The flavor of lemon, even its smell, being so intense are ideal to keep nausea under control.

Homemade lemonade
Despite the need to add sugar to make lemonade, the need to combat nausea may be enough reason to look the other way, always without overindulging, of course.

Pennyroyal mint
Peppermint also has some anti-nausea ability that can be helpful.

Smoothies containing banana
Banana makes smoothies thicker, making it easier for the stomach to hold onto them until digestion. Additionally, this fruit is one of the most caloric, so it compensates for what can be lost when vomiting.

It should be added that not all these tips work for all women, and each one should try to give, if possible, the appropriate solution to combat vomiting and nausea in pregnancy.

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