How to celebrate a scary Halloween for kids

How to celebrate a scary Halloween for kids

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I have heard many times that the Halloween party is a good occasion to make children play and have fun with their fears and emotions, and can even take away their fear and end their nightmares.

For the little ones, the more skulls, vampires, pumpkins, bats, and ghosts, the better. Pass it on scary!

If you want your child to enjoy this experience by throwing a terrifying party for him and his friends, you cannot forget some very important details. It's almost Halloween night and it's about time you start preparing the party.

The first thing is the invitations. You can cut out the silhouettes of bats, ghosts, or pumpkins in different colors from cardboard. With a silver marker, you write information about the venue, the date and time of the party. Ask the guests to come dressed in whatever is most comfortable and economical so that the children can play without problems. For mothers or girls, witch costumes are preferred. For parents and children, the mummy, ghost, goblins and monsters, they like a lot.

To decorate the party, forget about the light. It is preferable to put some candles (in protected places), or light some lamps (with black or red bulbs) to recreate an atmosphere of mystery. Use fluorescent cards to cut out pictures of ghosts, pumpkins, monsters, vampires, graves, and bats and stick them on the walls. Hang mobiles from ghosts or bats. An old sheet, hanging in a corner, can turn into a great ghost; an interlaced thread, in a spider web; and an emptied pumpkin, with a pierced mouth and eyes, and with a candle inside, can leave everyone with creeps.

To further recreate the horror atmosphere, try playing creepy sounds of screams, rain, toads, dry leaves, or a scary movie soundtrack. To eat, you can give scary shapes to sandwiches, cakes, cookies, jellies, pasta, etc. The table can be decorated with cockroaches and other plastic insects, and with spider web.

And since it's all about playing, games like chair, dance, and hide and seek can get some scary touch-ups. And of course, if the children are older, the Trick or Treating, that of the children knocking on the door of the neighbors and pronouncing the phrase Trick or Treating (trick or treat), they like it very much.

If the adults give them candy, money, or any other type of reward, it means they accepted the deal. On the contrary, if they cannot give anything, the children will play a prank on them, throwing, for example, foam (toy) on the neighbor's door.

I think that after all, children will no longer remember their fears as scary, and yes in a very funny way.

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