How to raise proud children

How to raise proud children

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Proud children believe they are better than others, they are authoritarian, violent or irresponsible and most of the time they have learned these behaviors at home, with the example received from proud parents, so the first point to educate arrogant children will be to think in the education he is giving him and in what they see at home.

The proud children are not able to respect others and the education that they should receive should be aimed at guiding that attitude to know the limits between people, respect and all this will only be achieved with a good emotional education.

If the parents do not correct their own behavior from home, in case they are arrogant, the education they are giving their little ones will be of no use. If they are not arrogant but have an environment that is too permissive or tolerant with arrogant children, they will also have negative consequences on the social development of the little ones, both now and in the future since it can even become future school bullies.

Proud children have pride and like to show their merits so that they can be recognized, they also have the audacity to belittle others because they feel superior because they only care about themselves but need others to be their subjects.

In addition, proud children need constant recognition but they are also humiliating and cynical, something that will make them have enemies. But they really have low self-esteem, insecurity, and fears that they camouflage with this behavior, for this reason they need to be constantly recognized to see that they are not inferior and therefore they criticize others, so as not to reflect their own shortcomings.

This type of way of being has nothing to do with being stubborn or stubborn, because children who are of this type do not need at all to feel superior to others, nor to humiliate others to feel good, they simply want to affirm their position.

The first thing to do to educate proud children is for parents to look first at themselves and values how is your usual behavior, because they will likely have to make some modifications. Here are some tips so that if this is the case, you take into consideration to educate your children with pride:

- Inform you about the Emotional education to be able to carry it out from home.

- Establish rules and limits at home where all of you are happy and in accordance with the rules and the consequences of non-compliance.

- Stop criticizing others in front of the child and explain that it is not appropriate to criticize other people because each one is how they are and before doing so, you must analyze that defect in yourself.

- Laugh as a family. Laughter heals any emotional wounds so it will help your children have fewer negative thoughts. Try to make the climate at home as positive as possible and that the relationships between all the members are establishing close affective bonds.

- Learn to forgive. To forgive you must have empathy developed or at least in process, so putting yourself in the place of the other is very important to increase peace of mind and personal satisfaction.

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