Why most children are born in September

Why most children are born in September

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The month of September monopolizes the top ten in terms of baby births, it is the month of the year in which more babies are born, while February and June are the months in which babies prefer the least to be born.

A recent study reveals that most children are born in September And, although the birth rate varies over time, now we prefer the winter months to be more united with our partners.

Comes the month of September and suddenly your children's events calendar has so many birthdays that you barely have life to do anything else.

Ball parks, amusement parks and playgrounds are packed with children in full expansion of euphoria and, when the end of September comes, the excess cake and sweets It has started to wreak havoc on your children's little stomachs. But, have you ever wondered why you have so many birthdays in September?

The answer to why most children are born in September, It has been revealed by a recent study: Christmas and the cold have a lot to do with it with births.

Most of the children of the 21st century have been conceived during the holidays, which exposes to the light that couples prefer to be more together during this month; we imagine that the cold unites a lot and that the Christmas holidays they are the best time to spend time with the family ... The study also shows how, on the other hand, the months of February and June are the ones fewer births recorded, although in February it is natural for this to occur, since it is shorter than the rest.

This inclination towards the autumn months to conceive has not always been the case.

Children of the late 20th century, during the birth boom of the 70s, we preferred the month of may To born. I mean, we were conceived in august, vacation period par excellence and the most propitious time to conceive, in terms of free time it refers to a working society.

Two decades before, our parents, in the 60s, they preferred the month of June to surrender to love and, therefore, the month with the most births was ahead of March.

But really the only reason the month of birth changes depending on the year the holidays or the ambient temperature have it?

According to experts, no. exist other factors much more worrying and complex such as the evolution of the economy, unemployment, the commercialization of contraceptives and the social and religious concept.

And, already put to reveal funny things about birth, the study shows us which is the most common birthday in our days. Of course, it is in the month of September and it is the 9th, while, as we can foresee, the day of the fewest births is February 29, although my great-grandmother boasted that she was younger than anyone else at her age because she was born that day , which meant having a birthday every 4 years.

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