How to play outside with children

How to play outside with children

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Playing outdoors outside the home is one of the best plans you can propose to your child. Both babies and children love to go outside, look at everything, explore every detail that catches their attention. In addition, they have a good time while improving their physical and personal development.

Although children also have a lot of fun playing at home, going out to the park is a very special moment for them, they are in an environment that is not so familiar to them and they can let their imagination run wild until they believe that they are going to live a real adventure , in addition to a time of socialization, creativity and practice some exercise.

- From 0 to 24 months: When they are barely a year old, babies still do not have the muscles developed enough to be able to swing or jump down a slide. At this age, it is best for them to play in the sand or ride on the swings intended for younger children, but always under the supervision of adults to avoid unnecessary accidents.

- From 2 years: From the age of two, they are strong enough to swing without help on swings adapted to their age or go down the slide. They can also start playing with balls, rackets, bicycles, etc., always without leaving the perimeter of the park.

- From 4 years: And from 4 years old they can already combine all kinds of games on the swings and the sand with others traditional gamesand with predetermined rules such as the hiding place, the rope, the potato circle, etc.

In addition to going to the park, or playing with the ball or the bicycle or rollerblading, children also have a lot of fun going out know nature. For them, going to the country to spend the day, going for a walk in the forest or going to a school farm to see the animals, seems like the great adventure of their life. Discovering nature means not only enjoying the open air and without pollution, it is also a time for children to know the rules that must be respected.

It is important that you tell your child that you do not have to step on the plants, you do not have to tear the branches of the trees, that nature must be respected and taken care of. In addition, it is also a good time to start to instill in him and make him assimilate the enormous importance of recycling and caring for the environment if he wants to be able to continue enjoying those landscapes.

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