The destructive note from a teacher to a student that outrages everyone

A psychologist shared on his social networks the note that a teacher left in the notebook for a six-year-old girl. The note has outraged psychologists as well as educators and parents. The reason? Far from being a grade or a grade to improve the little girl's performance, it was a totally destructive grade. The downside is that it was not the first time that this little girl received such a note. The result? His problem with mathematics and language, far from improving, does not stop growing ...

This is the destructive note from a teacher to a student that has gone viral and has outraged everyone. Discover its history here.

The note says the following very clearly: 'Very distracted and slow'. It is not the only warning from the teacher to her student. Her notebook was full of marks pointing out all the mistakes the girl made. None to indicate the successes. In addition, he wrote similar messages sporadically, like 'very vague', 'inattentive' ...

The case of this little girl, with its difficulties and peculiarities, has set social networks on fire, and it has served to reflect, once again, on the importance of enhancing empathy among teachers. The case has been brought to light by the psychologist Agustín Soria Viña. It explains the story of this girl, who lives in a troubled neighborhood in Argentina, with few resources, and some learning problems. In your note, explain the following:

'Yesterday I met L. He is six years old, in first grade and lives in a complex and deprived neighborhood of the city of Rosario. The girl is present and enters the space wearing a mischievous smile on her face and a pink and heavy backpack in her right hand. We begin to interact for reasons that make for the construction of a therapeutic bond.

He is asked about his school and states that he likes to attend it and who enjoys Language and Mathematics ...'

However, the little girl went to therapy because I only knew certain numbers and vowels. She carried with her a chart with the numbers up to 50 and the alphabet, but the teacher would not allow her to use that little help ... The girl, despite everything, tried. The answer, imagine: his well-marked errors and the big note warning of a problem of 'slowness' and inattention.

The psychologist also notes in his explanation that the teacher used systematic repetition to teach vowels and numbers. No games, no projects, no attractive activities. The classic 'copy the alphabet 100 times'.

But the psychologist's text emphasizes (above all) the big mistake of 'labeling the girl' as slow and distracted:

'And above, the teacher it only marked his mistakes. I didn't even visualize them as part of the learning process. He marked it to stigmatize, to hurt, to make his students, in this case L, suffer from going to class, and even worse, to fear being wrong.

The girl, who is in the midst of building her subjectivity and therefore her learning, plunged into an abyss of absurd and pathologizing qualifications. Slow, distracted, inattentive, vague ...

L, could not show us an activity that he did well. He only said "here I was wrong", "there I got confused", "I did that wrong". He highlighted everything negative, like his teacher. '

The problem here is that the teacher only emphasized the girl's mistakes, completely nullifying her self-confidence, her self-esteem and of course, her illusion. He taught her with a boring, systematic methodology, without also taking into account her basic problems and gaps, her progress and obstacles, leading her hopelessly towards school failure ...

A reflection that can be used anywhere, where there is a lack of empathy and connection between teachers and students. Perhaps, rescuing this most important value and arming of exciting tools, much more is achieved. With a methodology based on projects, teamwork, personalization and respect for the learning pace of each student, positive learning, games, practice ... Many teachers are already betting on it. Fortunately.

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