Reading review exercises for children on vacation

Reading review exercises for children on vacation

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They are almost three months of vacation, almost three months out of the school routine that many of our children have, and consequently, there appears on the part of mothers and fathers, some concern and in some cases "occupation", not to lose or for not completely disengaging from homework.

The language area, perhaps because it is one of the most content, such as reading and understanding, spelling, syntax, grammar ... requires more involvement and dedication than other areas.

And it is true that it is very important not to completely forget the task of reviewing the reading, since it is still a skill that requires training and maintenance, like many others. In summer we can practice with these reading review exercises for children.

The boy and the girl should take the task of reading in a fun and attractive way, since, if we force them without seeking their motivation, the effect and its consequences can produce negative outcomes. It is for this reason, and looking for an adequate emotion such as curiosity and security, that the adult must provide moments and opportunities to encourage reading.

Here are some fun techniques and ways to review reading, comprehension, as well as reading speed and syllabification:

  • An exercise that they love and that we can also do as a family, is to offer them funny messages on paper that include an order and that they carry it out, they should read them and then carry it out, such as: “take two jumps on the limp "," Give a hug to the tallest of the group "...
  • Turning the previous activity around, we can make a dictation of actions, that is, the adult does an action and the child must write what he or she has seen.
  • We can also read a story by reading each one a word alternately, thus promoting attention and team reading, in addition to how funny it is because of the possible mistakes and mistakes.
  • Another way to encourage reading is purposely read syllabically, as if we were a robot. They also find it fun.
  • Another game is the messy phrase: We give the words that make up a sentence on pieces of paper, and the little one must order them so that it makes sense, for example: AFTERNOON - BEACH - WE- LA - ESTA - VAMOS - A. (the complexity increases or decreases with the number of words).
  • Hidden word: we write or say a phrase omitting a word, the goal is to guess it or think of all the possible words that can fit. Like, for example: “The ……… has gone bad” (fruit, food, afternoon…)
  • Let the little ones read to the older ones, but both the one who reads and the one who listens, must do so consciously; our children want our real presence, and while they read to us we should not do other tasks. When I say reading, it can be the newspaper or a magazine, right? It sure motivates them too.
  • Make up sentences with a given word. That can be done until when we travel in the car. And here, we can resort to funny words that we know make them laugh.
  • Finish sentences. Like the previous one, we can play while we go on a trip with the little ones or at times that for them and they can be more boring, such as a doctor's waiting room (so we avoid tablets a little more, I use very little my little one to do). Like, for example: Every afternoon I like…, They say about the elephant that…. We can also allow ourselves to create bizarre phrases and play with words.
  • Refering to reading speed, We can keep track of the progress our little ones make in terms of words per minute, for example, once a week.

Let's not forget that reading is a competence, and its good mastery is required for learning in other areas, and not just the curricular ones. You see how easy it is to work and enhance it. Ah! And the example of the parents: my son or my daughter, has to see that I also read and that I enjoy it.

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