Hush little baby. Traposo's lullaby

Hush little baby. Traposo's lullaby

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The lullabies, popularly known as nanasThey are small musical compositions created with the aim of calming, relaxing and sleeping babies. Children, when they hear their mother's voice, tend to relax in a pleasant way, so whispering these beautiful verses in their ears is the best solution to make them fall exhausted in their cribs.

Traposo, the friendly mascot of our site, brings us 'Hush little baby' a lullaby full of love and tenderness that your baby will love and will leave him totally relaxed when it comes to bedtime.

Sleep little do not be afraid,

Mom is going to find you a nightingale.

If their song does not sound pleasant to you,

Mom will buy you a rattle.

And if the rattle doesn't sound right,

mom will rock you in a swing.

And if you get tired of the hug,

Mom is going to get you an accordion.

When the accordion is no longer heard,

daddy will bring you a stuffed dog.

And if the puppy does not know how to bark,

Dad is going to buy you a car and a pacifier.

And if you don't want neither the car nor the pacifier,

dad is going to bring you a nice toy.

Go to sleep little, don't be afraid,

that mom sings you a lullaby with love.

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