The feeling of a child who does not feel loved

The feeling of a child who does not feel loved

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Many people ask this same question: What am I here for? Referring to "here": in this world. There are many who are in search of this answer and the majority live with anguish for not finding it.

Well, I'm going to give you an answer, if it resonates with you, keep it and if not, keep looking. We are in this physical world to 'Love and be loved' (that's nothing!). Anything other than feeling loved gives us suffering. So, imagine the suffering of a child who seeks love and cannot find it. Or not enough. We explain to you what is the feeling of a child who does not feel loved.

1. When they are small: refusal in the park to play with other children, when they are not invited to the birthday party, when they ignore him in class, when they do not communicate at home, they live in isolation ... etc ..

2. When they are teenagers: having the feeling of not belonging to the group of friends, feeling different because of the way they think, dress ... rejection for not sharing the same tastes as their peers, etc ...

But also, as parents we do things so that our children don't feel loved like: the case of separated parents who do not speak or relate to their child, out of revenge to the former partner, or do not communicate with the child for not accepting their ideology, sexuality, or way of dressing. Parents who, being at home, do not stop arguing, and the children feel that it is their fault. Fathers or mothers who left home one day, due to different circumstances.

And now, put yourself in his place, and tell me, How do you think a child should feel in this situation? I'm sure it's easy to put yourself in their shoes, because we, unfortunately, have felt it sometime in our lives (I wish there were few).

A child who grows up with the feeling of not being loved is an adult who is going to suffer a lot and who is going to be afraid of many emotions, in addition to insecurity, therefore, parents, this is our great mission with our children: to make them feel very dear.

  1. To do this, we are going to help them first to fill your love tank with your self-love. He works his self-esteem so that he never lacks his own love, his worth, his security and his confidence.
  2. Second, let's help him believe that if someone does not love him, the problem is his, and not his. So that he does not change his way of being, because another person does not love him. Learn to be true to yourself and your feelings. Do not give him feet to feel like a victim in life for not being loved. Encourage him to keep wanting.
  3. And thirdly, we must put love where there is no love, so we must teach it to do so. Teach him to put love in everything he does. To make your own love of life.

Remember that a child who does not feel loved, will do its best to attract attention: bad behavior, rebellion, anger, etc ... and as Alex Rovira says, a child prefers bad treatment from their parents, rather than not feeling loved by them.

Beware of parents who have limited capacity to love, because that will be what they are transmitting to their children. If this is your case, put a solution with the help you deem appropriate.

Learn to love without fear, so that your child learns to live in Love. When you love, the other will love you. Remember that our children learn more by imitating our deeds than by listening to our words.

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