The scent of my baby

The scent of my baby

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What do babies smell like? The babies scent it is unmistakable, unmatched and inimitable. The smell is linked to feelings and emotions and is part of a basic instinct in the Rising children.

And it is that the aroma that babies give off invades us with that sensation of caramel that intoxicates us when we are with them and when we miss them.

Between the more pleasant sensations that I remember after the birth of my children, the most special is the perfume of each of them, which I have engraved in my mind. At times, I have relived it when I have held other babies, but like that smell of mine I have not experienced anything. It was a special aroma that radiated, especially from her little head, and permeated her entire body from the top.

I have always thought that in this matter of smell, mother Nature He must have a special responsibility and has been able to give babies this more intense aroma on the head due to the need of mothers to carry the baby in their arms, skin to skin and close to the mother's face.

I remember when I read Perfume: The Story of a murderer, I was very happy to share German writer and screenwriter Patrick Süskind's description of the smell of babies ... Describe the babies scent infants and compares the perfume of their body with that of a cookie dipped in milk and that of the head, which is the one I like the most, he describes it verbatim like this: 'the head, on the top, on the crown , where the hair forms a whirlpool (…) It looks like the smell of caramel, you can't imagine, father, how sweet and wonderful it is! Once they have been smelled here, they are loved, whether they are their own or others'.

The babies smell, and I would say more, of the children it remains unconsciously engraved in the brain and in the heart because it is inevitably linked to the emotions. Right after birth, babies are able to recognize your mother by her scent and they detect that of breast milk. For this reason, midwives always advise us not to use colognes or perfumes after delivery to facilitate the recognition of the baby from the mother's womb because it even helps to establish breastfeeding.

And although we love that our baby smells good, during the first months, it is convenient to wait to use perfumes. And in the case of perfuming him, do not put cologne on the baby's skin or hair, just perfume his clothes.

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