Villa Rock is celebrating. Children's story about society

We are all part of a community, whether at school, in the neighborhood, in our town ... and each of us has gifts that will allow us to develop as best we can within that society.

The childish story Villa Rock is celebrating helps children understand the importance of each one being part of a whole, and that they are comfortable performing their work, as this will be part of their future.

If you want to know how this ends children's story about society and the role we have within it, you just have to read it.

Villa Rock students just graduated from school. You have to know the destination of each of the students. Everyone has made an effort and is expectant and nervous. And it is that, small stones and rocks they know that from now on they will have to work hard.

The small, polished Rolinda stone has been assigned to the riverside, where you can follow the long tradition of your family, the Boulders. Very happy and happy, Rolinda receives congratulations from her friends and family. She knows that she will spend her time playing with the children when they throw her into the river to make ripples and bounce on the water in small jumps. Without a doubt, your destination will be a lot of fun.

Surprised face among the attendees has left the fate of Hard. Everyone hoped that because of his rudeness he would end up on the wall to contain the attack of possible enemies. However, Hard, faithful to his duty, happily accepts his destiny: to join the stones of the dam that support the force of the river. Hard knows that he will always be cool from the water and that makes him happy.

Hogarina stone likes tradition. And that is why they have assigned it to the construction of a shelter-house. He knows that he will belong to a home, where he will be able to feel the warmth of a human family and witness their many adventures, but above all he will be able to listen to the stories that the children will read before going to sleep, which is what he likes the most.

The little rolling Marbles will work together. They will be the new marbles at school where they can play all day with human children and feel their tickles. They know they will make them compete against each other, but they will have fun doing lots of races.

Villa Rock has celebrated one of the most important days in its community. All the students have finished happy and now it's time celebrate it before start working.

Find out if your child has understood the message of the text with these simple reading comprehension questions.

  • Why do you think the town was called Villa Rock?
  • Why were they celebrating?
  • What work was the Rolinda stone commissioned to do?
  • Who would be the new marble at school?
  • What job would you like to do in the future?

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