The clever wasp. Story for nervous and impatient children

The clever wasp. Story for nervous and impatient children

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When we are nervous and try to do something well, it will most likely turn out to be anything but good; the same thing happens to children. Neither rush nor nerves are good when making decisions or being able to get out of delicate situations.

This is what happened to the fly of the story for nervous and impatient children: The clever wasp. So nervous was a fly being trapped inside a car that it was unable to see the obvious in order to get out. His companion, the wasp, helped him see the obvious.

He does not know how it happened, but the fly got inside the car and was prey. She began to fly nervously from one side to the other without finding the exit. She hit the windows and the roof of the car over and over again, until she fell dizzy on her back in the driver's chair and fell asleep.

After a while she woke up with a start and she flew again very nervous, not knowing where to perch.

- What are you doing? - A voice was heard saying.

The fly looked and saw that a wasp rested with apparent ease on the steering wheel.

At last he managed to perch on the dashboard of the car, breathing heavily.

Why are you so agitated? The wasp spoke again.

The fly said in a trembling voice:

- I don't know how I got here and now I don't know how to get out.

The wasp said in a friendly voice:

- Look around you carefully.

The fly was looking inside the car. He looked at the doors, the ceiling, looked at the windows one by one, and instantly discovered that the driver's window was down a little. Seeing him, she lowered her head in shame.

Look more next time before you get so alarmed - Said the clever wasp.

The fly, grateful, immediately came out of the car window.

Soon after, the clever wasp came out too.

If you think your children read without understanding, you can practice reading comprehension with them. We help you with these questions about the children's story The Clever Wasp:

  • What happened to the fly?
  • How he felt?
  • Who was with her in the car?
  • How did you get out?

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