Original names for boys inspired by nature

Original names for boys inspired by nature

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New moms and dads have been brought up in a culture of respect for nature, caring for the environment, and eating healthy. It is the commitment to a lifestyle that seems to have come to stay. Therefore, why not choose for our baby a original name based on nature?

Since ancient times, other cultures have been linked to nature, cultures such as the Native Americans, Japanese, the Australian aborigines, the Maori of New Zealand, to name a few, cultures that have based their names heavily on Mother Earth. And now, the trend tells us that it is time to recapture those bygone times, to pay tribute and bring nature home.

We give you a list of 10 original and different names for boys inspired by nature.

These nature-inspired names for boys give the feeling of being serene, cool, and peaceful. In general, they allude to some floral species, a plant and even an animal. But we also find names related to minerals, planets, atmospheric phenomena ... Feel even more connected with the natural world by giving your baby a name inspired by it. These are our proposals.

  • Alan: name of Scottish-Gaelic origin, ‘ailin’, which means “little stone”. It has also been related to ‘alunus’, a Latin name of the ancient town of the Alanos. Alan remains associated with that person who lives in harmony sociable bet and endowed with good humor. His name day is celebrated on November 25.
  • Alder: has its origin in the German-Teutonic world and means "strong tree”. For a long time, this name has been associated with Oak. Alder assumes adjectives like strong, vigorous, and noble. It is not known onomastics.
  • Aran: the origin of this original name is unknown. The word in Basque means “Valley”And, in fact, it gives its name to the beautiful valley located in Lleida. It is a name that may well be ‘unisex’, that is, it is valid for both girls and boys. Also Arán is one of the boy's names of very popular Thai origin and whose meaning is “mountain strength”. His name day is unknown.
  • Bradley: is a name whose origin is found in Old English and means "the one with the immense meadow"," He who belongs to the vast meadow. " He wants to symbolize the one who lives in peace, calm and tranquility. Their variants can be Brad and Brady. It does not celebrate onomastics.
  • Dimas: is of Hebrew origin and refers to “sunset, west”. There are also those who bet on a Greek origin whose meaning is "the companion" and in the apocryphal Gospels it is the name of the good thief, crucified to the right of Jesus, for which he celebrates his saint on March 25.
  • Ilan: comes from the Hebrew word ‘ilán’, which refers to a “vigorous tree”. Therefore, it can be given the meaning of corpulent, fruitful or protective. One of its variants is Elan and its female version is Ilana. Its saints are celebrated on August 18.
  • Keano: name derived from one of the Hawaiian dialects that means "cool breeze over the mountains ". It is derived from the words 'ke', which means 'one' and 'anu', which means 'cool'. They are associated with spiritual leaders with the idea of ​​helping others. It is not known onomastics.
  • Leo: comes from Greek and is a variant of Lion. It is a name that symbolizes the fierceness of the animal and also power, justice and tenacity. Its meaning is related to feelings of strength and boldness. It is often used as a diminutive for names beginning with Leo. And his feminine would be Lea. The name day is celebrated on February 20 or November 10.
  • Nile: of Greek origin taken from ‘Neilos’, latinized in the form of ‘Nilus’ and referring to the river Nile which means “holy waters”,“ What God gave for life ”. It owes its spread as a baptismal name to three saints: an Egyptian bishop and martyr from the 4th century, a 5th century anchorite of Mount Sinai, and an 11th century Calabrian abbot. Her feminine variation is Nila. His saint is celebrated on September 19, 26 or November 12.
  • Ross: is of North Scottish Gaelic origin which means “Cliff"," Torrent "or" cape ". Positive ideals are attributed to them, they are balanced and confident. They have a bohemian side and a lot of magnetism. His saint is celebrated on August 14.

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