Is it bad to heat baby's milk in the microwave?

Is it bad to heat baby's milk in the microwave?

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There are many doubts about whether it is good or bad to heat breast milk or artificial milk in the microwave. Some parents believe that it is harmful and others claim that it does not pose any danger to the baby's health.

To clarify, better go to science. Several studies have revealed that heating solids or liquids in the microwave is not harmful to health. We analyze whether it is harmful to heat the baby's milk in the microwave.

Experts on the subject say that both breast milk and artificial milk can be heated in the microwave, provided that when removing the bottle from the microwave, the milk temperature is verified to be adequate before offering it to the baby, to avoid possible burns.

It is very common, in the case of microwaves, that the liquid or solid food heats up more than the container, since the heating system goes from the inside to the outside, since the molecules that are in the center are heated first. However, its heating is not uniform.

When it comes to heating the bottle in the microwave too The material from which the bottle is made influences. The safest are the glass ones, since the plastic ones can release molecules that can pass into the food.

Regarding the doubt about whether or not foods heated in the microwave lose nutrients and calories, experts say that with any method of heating, preservation or cooking, be it in the microwave, in a conventional oven, in the gas stove or electric, food always loses a small amount of its nutritional properties.

The microwave is today one of the household appliances that most facilitate the day to day of families. The fact that it heats food quickly does not mean that it alters its composition and poses a risk to the health of babies.

In the same way as any other heating system, the microwave will only transmit heat to the food. Nothing more. On the other hand, it is necessary to control the temperature before offering the food heated in the microwave to children to avoid any accident.

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