10 road safety tips for children ages 0-3

10 road safety tips for children ages 0-3

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The doors of the nursery schools in the hours of entry and exit become a chaos of cars, parents and baby carriages. Parents try many times leave the car in the same doors of the nursery sometimes endangering both the child and other pedestrians. Also, sometimes infractions or carelessness are committed when walking with the baby carriage because of being in a hurry.

The National Association for Child Safety, has developed a decalogue with positive guidelines that parents should establish for the safety of their children.

To create a safe and suitable environment for minors, it is important that we all be responsible, apply common sense and civility when walking on the street or when we drop off and pick up our babies from school. These tips will help:

1- Always carry a chair suitable for the child's weight and size even if the journey is short.

2- Hold the baby with the safety harness even if the journey is not very long, any blow when climbing a curb could make the child fall.

3- Never overtake the stroller or cart at a crossroads and always teach your children to cross with a green light or through the crosswalk. Never cross the street in the prohibited places.

4- Always respect the rules when crossing a street Even when you are not with your children, other children may learn from your actions.

5- The rush and road safety are incompatible, child protection and road safety education are well worth 5 minutes.

6- When you put the baby in or out of the car, do it always on the side of the sidewalk and places the chair next to the car with the brake on.

7- When you pick up or drop off the child at the nursery school, look for parking in authorized places. Remember that it is a school with many children and families and each one has their interests. Everyone's civic behavior is important.

8- The rain is not bad, nothing happens if we have to walk a little under an umbrella or a fine rain, it is not necessary to park in front of the school, and remember to close the umbrella before entering or leaving so as not to obstruct the passage.

9- If you think that the school environment has risks regarding road safety, do not hesitate to communicate it.

10- Remember that everything you do for the road safety of your children will be transformed into self-protection, good manners and civility when they grow up.

- National Association for Child Safety

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