Latest treatments for childhood enuresis

Latest treatments for childhood enuresis

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In Spain alone there are around half a million children who have a bed-wetting problem, but what is bed-wetting? It is the leakage of urine that occurs during sleep in children over five years old, it must occur a minimum of 2-4 times a month and for at least three months. But, What treatment is applied to a case of infantile enuresis?

The European Society of Pediatric Urology and the International Society of Infant Incontinence) which maintains that only 20% of cases of enuresis are diagnosed. And yet, it seems logical to offer treatment when the child begins to feel uncomfortable with his symptoms, although before the age of 7 it is not foreseeable that treatment will improve the rate of spontaneous remission of enuresis.

One of the problems associated with enuresis is that, unfortunately, these children are always told the same thing: "don't worry that over time it will stop." The truth is that the child often continues to urinate and each time the diapers to be used are larger and the anguish and frustration is much greater.

It is important to act in a case of infantile enuresis depending on the cause of it:

  • In 90% of cases, enuresis is inherited from parents to children, and in these cases the causes are treatable as they are medical causes, the child may have a greater production of nocturnal urine, which causes the bladder to overflow with urine in a very fast way. To treat it we use a medicine called desmopressin It corrects the overproduction of urine and helps to solve the problem.
  • Sometimes enuresis is because the child is usually constipated, if we correct these situations we will also improve your enuresis. Sometimes your bladder is smaller than normal, for this we also have different medical treatments.
  • It is not uncommon for there to be a enlarged tonsils and vegetations, if we correct the issue surgically we will also alleviate the enuresis.
  • On other occasions, enuresis is associated in a context of hyperactivity or attention deficit, with which if we want to remove the nocturnal urine leakage, we must treat the hyperactivity.
  • In a 10% the origin is origin is purely psychological and these cases go directly from the doctor's office to the psychologist.

How we can verify the key is to make a correct diagnosis in order to give the most appropriate treatment, and that happens by always going to the doctor.

What you can never do is say "you will stop urinating over time" because what does not usually have a psychological cause as its origin ends up producing a psychological disorder in the child.

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