Tips to avoid child constipation in summer

Tips to avoid child constipation in summer

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What am I going to tell you that you do not know: the days are getting longer and longer, your children want to spend more time outdoors, playing with friends ... And that makes them distracted from those other "homework" we have, like going to the bathroom.

If to that we add that at this time of year, children lose more fluids than usual through sweat, we already have a breeding ground for the child predisposed to constipation to get a little worse. Next, from our site we want to give you a series of tips to avoid child constipation in summer and to help the intestines of the smallest of the house follow the desired regularity.

-Encourage them to eat salads. You can make a pact with your son. For example: if you are enthusiastic about pasta, buy a good whole wheat pasta, cook it ahead of time and let it cool. Use it as a base, and add cherry tomatoes, corn, a little apple, a few lettuce leaves, some dried fruit, a little diced chicken that you have left over from the day before, etc. Water the mixture with a good jet of extra virgin olive oil, and you will have guaranteed success. This is just an example. Well, use other bases, such as lettuce or rice. With my children, I select various ingredients, and I let them make their own "customized" favorite salad (for example, my son Alberto loves "Salad 4", which has lamb's lettuce, nuts, fresh cheese and pear).

-Fruits play a prominent role. Throughout the day, I advise children to consume at least three pieces of fruit, whole (not in juice, which is much healthier). Like vegetables, they are the queens of fiber, which helps maintain the desired intestinal regularity.

-Don't forget the legumes. With cold legumes you can build very fun salads that pair perfectly with something that gives it a citrus touch, such as pickled gherkins, or olives. Legumes are very healthy, and they are a generous source of fiber.

-The ideal drink to prevent constipation is water. Children's bodies have proportionally greater amounts of water than adolescents and adults. This is why it is so important to keep them well hydrated. Water, likewise, favors the creation of a more easily evacuable fecal bolus. Go ahead with her!

-Tell him not to "ignore the call." Game goes, game comes, the child feels like evacuating and ignores them so as not to leave the game. What's more, he chooses to hold back; that is, "press in". This is one of the most common mistakes and potentially responsible for the most common mode of constipation, the so-called functional constipation due to retentive habit. The easiest thing is for the child to know how to identify the time of day when it is easiest for him to poop. This time is usually in the morning, after breakfast.

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