What do children play at school recess

What do children play at school recess

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Recess is the space of time spent at school where children can learn social skills without direct adult supervision. It is a place where the little ones learn to relate, to organize themselves in groups, they learn to negotiate and share through play.

The schoolyard is a space that serves as a “rest” for children. Directed activities are left in the background to give way to the child's choice of more “free” activities. But, Do you know what children play at school recess?

Thus, through play, children are able to carry out playful activities that at the same time bring with them multiple benefits that will be key in their socialization process.

Therefore, children through recess play:

  • They will have the opportunity to develop your imagination and creativity inventing games, rules and playing different roles.
  • Will be able develop games in which they have to work as a team.
  • Will be beneficial to your health since it is a space in which they have the opportunity to move.

Within the wide range of games that appear in the schoolyard, they are usually practiced movement games, sports games, or role-playing games. As some of the little ones get older, not all of them dedicate more time to other types of activities such as chatting and being in circles with their friends.

  • The activities involving movement we can find games like: the pillapilla or the hide and seek.
  • Regarding the Sport games: occupying most of the space in the yard, soccer will be the star sport and mostly played by boys. We can also watch other sports like basketball, etc.
  • The games of role swapping how to play "moms and dads" also appear. Above all, it is the girls who play this type of game.
  • Another case is fashion games. The games that all generations have played for a period of time always appear and that are the "kings of the yard" for a period of time, such as the spinning top, the tazos, the gogos, the marbles, the stickers, fashion dances. , etc.

Boys and girls play together when they are young, in the infant stage and the first years of primary school. Later, and generally, according to their gender, they seek their own interests and preferences.

When they grow up and enter preadolescence they begin to form their own groups of boys and girls and when they play they do so together but not mixed. I mean, boys against girls.

Be that as it may, generally what boys and girls are looking for is play in a group and not be alone. At recess they discover that they must be accepted by the group, loved, accepted, and asserted. They live fundamental experiences to socialize.

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