How to involve children in housework

Housework has always been a point of disagreement for members of a family. It will be necessary for everyone to contribute to its completion to ensure a good coexistence at home. The moment in which each of the members of the family takes responsibility for any of these tasks, it will be achieved that everyone works in a group, thus getting more free time to enjoy together as a family.

Therefore, it is important to involve children in household chores from an early age. In addition, instilling these types of routines is very positive for the education of children and contributes to their personal development, providing them with multiple benefits.

- Holds them accountable. As they are in charge of some important tasks for the proper functioning of the home, their sense of responsibility increases.

- Improve your self-esteem. He sees that he is entrusted with tasks that contribute to the well-being of all members of the family. This is gratifying for the child as he sees his contribution to the family as something valuable, fostering his self-confidence and improving his self-esteem.

- Makes you more independent. These types of tasks help them not to think that everything is done. Having to make an effort makes them more autonomous and contributes to their maturation.

- Cooperation. Their sense of collaboration is stimulated. Feeling part of a team and belonging to and collaborating with a group develops in the child the ability to follow instructions and skills to work with others.

- Improve your organization. Children who are involved in household chores tend to be more organized as adults.

- Create positive habits. When children acquire habits with tasks at home, they have better academic performance since they tend to have a better development of their logical thinking.

- Helps to develop their motor skills. Dressing themselves, tidying up their room, making the bed, and setting the table are activities that help stimulate their balance and motor coordination.

It is important that children begin to collaborate with household chores from childhood. If it is not encouraged from the time they are small, we cannot pretend that when they are teenagers they do it spontaneously. From the age of 3, children already have the ability to understand and execute simple commands that can gradually become more complex.

Therefore, the key will be that they start with simple and specific tasks like picking up their toys, taking their clothes to the washing machine, etc. Adults should follow these recommendations:

- Do not underestimate the child. It is a common mistake for adults to think that children do not know how to do basic things like pick up their things from the room and end up doing it themselves. It's a mistake.

- Assign tasks corresponding to their age. It is possible that if the task is complex and you do not have the ability to perform it you will be frustrated. Tasks have to go from simplicity to greater complexity.

- At first it will be hygiene. Going to the bathroom, brushing teeth, dressing alone are simple tasks that will also make the child feel more autonomous.

- Equality. Boys and girls are capable of doing the same tasks. Don't pigeonhole them.

- It can be fun. Different tasks can be proposed so that they are not repetitive and end up being boring.

- Perfection does not exist. Each child will take his own pace and do things in his own way. Avoiding rushing him and immediately correcting what he does wrong will be good for his self-esteem.

- Use positive reinforcement. Approving their accomplishments will help your child learn that their efforts are important.

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