Postpartum The benefits of the Pilates method to recover

Postpartum The benefits of the Pilates method to recover

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The Pilates method is one of the most complete physical workouts that we can find today to help the mother regain well-being in her body after childbirth. Gestation and delivery are a global bodily experience that deserves a specific focus on recovery. The new motherhood requires a very flexible exercise regimen aimed at women as a whole.

After delivery, you need to be tolerant of your limitations and changing physical demands, you must take into account your time constraints and adjust to the fatigue that motherhood imposes. For this reason, it is important that you incorporate some relaxation techniques and that you promote an overall improvement in psychological and physical well-being. All of this can be achieved by practicing Pilates.

We tell you what the benefits of the Pilates method to recover from postpartum.

When resuming physical exercise after childbirth it is very important not to joints and ligaments to excessive pressure for several months after giving birth. Responsible for this muscle relaxation is the hormone relaxin, which is secreted during pregnancy, and which continues to affect the body for at least three more months. For this reason, muscles, joints, and ligaments can remain soft throughout this time.

One of the objectives of Pilates method is to strengthen and tighten the muscular area around the joints and ligaments. Moving the body gently and precisely, in its natural alignment, will prevent the joints from closing in incorrect positions and, at the same time, stimulate the muscles to improve their support function. Through the practice of breathing, strengthening, stretching the muscles close to the spine and, thanks to constant practice, the body will regain its pre-pregnancy state.

By practicing Pilates exercises during the postpartum period you will achieve:

1. Recover from the physical pain and strain of birth.

2. Get rid of pregnancy tummy and the extra kilos.

3. Be more toned and fit than you were before pregnancy.

4. Acquire physical strength and mental energy.

5. Change posture to stand, sit, sleep, enjoy sex, walk, and carry objects.

6. Avoid injury.

The Pilates method gives energy to the mother just when you think your strength is exhausted. Get restore your emotional balance through the concentration required to coordinate and perform body movements. These, in turn, strengthen the central part of the body and tone the muscles, making them fibrous, but without enlarging them. Pilates exercises also help reduce the volume of the hips, lift the buttocks, define the arms and legs, and regain the firmness in the abdominals.

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