The benefits of water polo for children

The benefits of water polo for children

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One of the best sports for children and adults is swimming, the benefits of which are well known. However, swimming can be a bit boring for children who prefer swimming. team sports where they share emotions with their teammates and develop competitiveness against the rival team.

If you are looking for the best sport for your children, you can choose water polo, which in addition to being one of the most complete sports, is great fun for the little ones. Playing in the water always guarantees to release tension, making it ideal as an after-school activity.

We tell you what the benefits of water polo in children.

The physical benefits of practicing a sport like water polo are many. It is a sport in which qualities such as strength, endurance and speed are put into practice and, at the same time, it stimulates coordination, a sense of orientation, balance and laterality. For practicing in the water, children must be supervised at all times by the instructor or coach, respecting the safety measures in swimming pools.

With the risks removed by the professionals, children can continue to enjoy the benefits of water polo, such as better circulation, greater lung capacity or muscle strengthening among others. In addition, the continued practice of water polo is ideal to correct those bad postures of children that cause so many injuries in the future.

There is an aspect that few people take into account but that is very important. It's about child nutrition. Children have a poor nutritional culture, a defect inherited from their parents. In water polo they teach children to eat properly healthy and balanced, looking for all the nutrients they need for their day to day and using food as a source of that extra energy they need to practice this sport.

If there are many physical benefits of water polo, there are no less emotional benefits. Water polo is a team sport where values ​​such as the competitiveness, but also the cooperation, the fellowship and generosity. The relationship established between water polo players, even from different teams, is one of absolute complicity.

Water polo as an after-school activity is ideal for children who want to be more communicative and sociable, because it is a sport in which many people meet. And since it is not a crowded activity, it is likely that your child meets children from other schools, from other neighborhoods in water polo, which is a enrichment in their social relationships.

On a personal level, water polo is also felt. Children learn in this sport that things are achieved through work and effort. Finally, they discover that the effort has been worth it for the excitement and satisfaction of winning a match. The fair play transmits values ​​such as honesty and championships They teach them the need to improve themselves in every game.

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