World day of education. April 1st

World day of education. April 1st

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Every April 1 commemorates the World day of education, a date that arose after the agreements between the UN and UNESCO to publicize the problems in access to education that children currently have in many societies and the importance of facilitating access to education at different educational levels.

According to article 26 of the Declaration of Human Rights, everyone has the right to access education. And, article 7 of the Universal Declaration of the Child, explains that: "The child has the right to receive education, which will be free and compulsory, at least in the elementary stages."

However, in 2011 according to UNESCO The number of children out of school amounted to 57 million and there were 250 million children unable to read or write.

These data, together with the high rate of children repeating grades and leaving school before completing primary education, warn different societies about the urgent need to address the issue of education.

In any society, education, health and work are the basic pillars for its development, therefore it is the task of the states to guarantee access and freedom of education and facilitate it.

According to data from the UNESCO, each effective year of education in a child's life, could increase their income by 10% and raise the Gross International Product by 0.37% per year.

However, not only the State is involved in education, parents, teachers and educators also play a fundamental role. Each one of us, in our field, is responsible for providing an education to children so that they can develop in society, live with dignity and have access to the labor market.

On this day, since We remember all the children who do not have access to education and who have to work from a very young age and the girls who are prohibited from having the right to education.

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