What can we do when a child disappears

What can we do when a child disappears

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Every year disappear Only in Europe some 250,000 children, but more surprising is the statement that in the United States a child disappears every 90 seconds, according to a study carried out in 2015.

The truth is that the disappearances of minors are more numerous than we imagine, although these statistics also include children who aree go of their own free will.

In more than half of the cases it is resolved in a positive way.

What can we parents do when our son disappears? Above all, keep calm. These steps will guide you on how to handle the disappearance process.

Most disappearances occur in children between 13 and 18 years of age, and are mainly of voluntary way, returning home within about 5 days.

However, there is a small percentage, between 1% and 2% of cases, in which the kidnapping ends in a tragic way.

Be that as it may, the truth is that the first hours after the disappearance are essential, then What can we parents do?:

1- Ask for help to find him. Ask neighbors and friends if they have seen him, and look for places where he might be hiding or where he usually frequents.

2- Immediately notify the police. Do not wait to give the warning, since the first 3 hours after the disappearance are crucial to find him.

You will have to file a complaint, and an investigation will begin on 3 issues:

- If the disappearance could be voluntary or not.

- An interview with family and friends

- Inspection of places and child's room

3- It is important that provide all the information possible of the child and a recent photo. Especially relevant is the family situation, whether there are chances that someone had kidnapped him, whether he has met someone online ...

4- Not cleaning the room, do not pick up the objects you have left, nor do the laundry, and that no one outside the investigation, not even family or friends, manipulate your belongings or enter the house.

5- The media Sometimes they can be useful to the investigation, but before giving the news to know we must consult it with the authorities.

6- Must not lie family members, especially the child's siblings. Although sometimes we should not provide all the information we have, for research reasons.

7- If the abductor makes contact, you always have to notify the police, and do not take any steps beforehand. They are the ones who know how to act in these cases.

8- If the child It appears again, you have to notify the authorities to close the case.

9- There are family support associations of missing persons who can help us a lot psychologically.

10- If you think there may be indications that a relative or a ex-partner can steal the child, tell a lawyer, and your friends. Give the child a mobile phone, if he is old enough to use it and, if necessary, ask the court for precautionary measures of removal of the minor.

In the cases of separation It is always better to reach a mutual agreement on the custody of children, so that there are as few problems as possible.

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