Santo Abundio Day, April 2. Names for boys

Santo Abundio Day, April 2. Names for boys

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Abundio is a name for a boy of Latin origin that means 'abundance'. It is a very rare name nowadays but it has great beauty for its meaning and its sound.

Abundio may be the perfect name for your child if you like to rescue traditional names that are about to be forgotten. He celebrates his name day on April 2, which is the day of San Abundio.

By the meaning of his name, Abundio implies a generous and wasteful personality of affection. Abundio is a noble and friendly person capable of doing anything for others. In addition, Abundio has a great capacity for work, is hard-working and is not afraid to assume responsibilities. For all this, Abundio usually becomes the soul of his group of friends.

The name Abundio is known throughout the world, although its use is not very frequent. What's more, it is one of those names that runs the risk of disappearing due to its low popularity. However, in recent years there has been a tendency for modern parents to rescue a series of firm names with character that have all the weight of tradition. And surely Abundio is one of those names.

Because it is not a very frequent name, we have to refer to history to find characters with the name of your child. This is the case of the Italian notary Abbondio Chialiva, famous for his participation in the Carbonarian movement of the early nineteenth century, within the context of Italian nationalist struggles.

Although it seems that Abundio is the name of a Saint, as we find numerous religious with the name of your son. Like San Abundio, bishop of Rouen, San Abundio, a Cordovan martyr, San Abundio of Como, San Abundio by Pietra Montecorvino or San Abundio el Sacristán, who was the sacristan of the Basilica of San Pedro.

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