The vinegar test to know if you are pregnant in a few minutes

The vinegar test to know if you are pregnant in a few minutes

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Will it be possible to take a pregnancy test with materials we have at home? The answer is yes. The most common and, of course, more accurate, is to go to a pharmacy and buy a home test, or better yet, go to the gynecologist and have the appropriate tests performed to detect it.

But, if you are impatient and cannot wait, there are other types of tests that, although unscientific ... why not try? One of these home pregnancy tests is carried out with an element that you surely have at home, is ... vinegar! We teach you how to perform the vinegar test to know if you are pregnant in just a few minutes.

What is the vinegar test to know if you are pregnant? It is a very simple test to perform, very economical and that also does not take more than 20 minutes to show its result.

If you are prepared to perform the vinegar test, you only have to prepare two items:

- A transparent container.

- Vinegar.

1- Use a glass jar or a plastic cup, preferably transparent and, above all, that it is clean and does not contain impurities.

2- Pee inside the container and try to fill it halfway. Take a photo of the resulting liquid.

3- Add a teaspoon of vinegar in the glass and do not shake or mix the content. Don't try adding too much vinegar hoping it will be more effective this way.

4- Let the content rest for at least 20 minutes, you may be in a hurry and it will be the longest twenty minutes of your life but, try to be patient.

5- If you are pregnant, after that time the liquid will have changed, that is why you have to compare it with the photo because you may not remember the initial tone well.

This home test will be positive if, after 20 minutes the color of the urine and vinegar have changed color. It will also be positive if foam appears on the edges or around the liquid.

Otherwise, it is possible that you are not pregnant, although if, after a few days you still do not have your period, you should have a more reliable one or, if you cannot afford one, you should go to your gynecologist.

It is clear that this test is not 100% reliable as it can be a test performed by the gynecologist, either blood or urine. These tests detect levels of hCG, the hormone chorionic gonadotropin, is the pregnancy hormone and is only produced if fertilization has occurred. Its presence serves to confirm pregnancy through a urine test or a blood test.

There are many other formulas to prepare a home pregnancy test with materials that we have at home:

- Soap test: It is made with cuaba soap or lizard soap.

- Chlorine test: It is based on the principle that a pregnant woman's urine changes its pH, and chlorine is a reactive or activating element.

- Cold urine test: urine reacts when put in the fridge.

We insist that all these topics can give you a rough idea that something happens because urine in pregnancy contains a hormone that reacts to certain elements but, of course, it is not 100% reliable. The only way to confirm pregnancy is through medical tests that your gynecologist does.

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