7 children's questions about sleep

7 children's questions about sleep

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The curiosity of children is truly amazing and infinite. And the dream is a great unknown to them about which they have many questions. Has your son ever asked you why we dream? Or why do some children seem to be awake when they are asleep?

We have selected some of the most frequently asked questions from children about sleep. We answer your why about sleep through these curiosities about childhood sleep. We answer here 7 children's questions about sleep.

Your child has surely asked you some of these questions. We help you answer all these questions or curiosities about childhood sleep:

1. Why do we have to sleep? Not just men. Also animals. Every living being that has a brain, needs to sleep to rest. Keep in mind that the brain is like a constantly running machine. So that it does not overheat, you should lower its intensity for a few hours a day. In addition, it is the time when the body takes advantage of it to perform repair functions and others that are performed when we sleep, such as growth.

2. Why do we dream? We always dream, even if you don't remember the dreams. In fact, it is estimated that we forget 95% of our dreams. It's funny, because we dream in short periods, between 5 and 20 minutes. So it can be said that we have many different dreams throughout the night. Why do we dream? It's a mystery. Science does not yet know why this happens. Some think that the brain, at rest, makes a kind of 'summary' of everything that has been going through during the day. Others, that it is the moment when our emotions manifest freely.

3. Why do we sometimes remember dreams and sometimes not? Because when we sleep, a part of the brain must be at rest, the so-called frontal lobes. When they rest, the brain will not remember the dream. But sometimes they are not at rest. That is why when you wake up you are able to remember what you dreamed.

4. Why do people speak in dreams? It is something very common. Many people speak in dreams, but they are always meaningless words or phrases. It happens when the vocal cords, which are normally at rest during sleep, are activated. At that time, they also actively participate in the dream you have at that moment. But it is usually a couple of seconds. Sometimes it also responds to brief awakenings.

5. Why do some children wake up asleep? The truth is that it is similar to when someone speaks in dreams. Suddenly, body functions that should be at rest are activated. In this case, the motor system, and the person 'enacts' what they are dreaming about. This is believed to occur due to a lack of a substance secreted by neurons in the brain.

6. Why do some children have nightmares? Nightmares appear during the deepest phase of sleep, the REM phase. There are many theories about it. It is when the body is most relaxed. Also the area of ​​the brain related to reason. Therefore, it is the moment in which our emotions and our fears are represented in dreams.

7. Why can't we control dreams? The deepest sleep phase is beyond scientific explanation. Also to control. The reason, the part of the brain that is able to control impulses, rests. That is why it is so difficult to control dreams. However, many suggest that writing down the dreams we remember and writing them with another ending or development, can stimulate it and make us change the dream. Do you want to try?

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