Ideas for taking the best photos with dad

How to take unforgettable photos of parents and children


Oh, those tickles on the soles of the feet that amuse children so much ... and it is that making our children laugh is a lot of fun since they are babies. Playing with a baby's little feet is parental entertainment that you can keep forever by taking a photo.

For children who want to grow up this game is ideal. Paint some mustaches on cardboard, cut them out and "dress up" by gluing them to a stick, you will see what laughs! You can also make them out of chocolate, in any case remember to take a good photo to remember it.

The first smile of a baby is very special, especially for their parents. Parents love to make games and make faces that make children laugh, do not let this funny moment pass without taking the camera and taking pictures to have it forever.

If there is something that children love is playing with their parents, and even more so if there is a ball in between! Take advantage of these moments of friendly family competition to take a photo of father and son playing football or the sport that you like the most, he will surely not forget it.

Children learn to imitate all of our movements and habits, so it is common for them to have fun with games like trying to shave, just like Dad. It is an occasion to play around with the shaving cream and capture that moment in an unforgettable photo.

The arms of parents are the refuge of children, the place where they know they are safe and secure. For that reason sharing a hug with your child is so special, it is a unique feeling that you can always remember if you take a beautiful photo.

The first time your child's hand grabs you, you are trapped forever. Remember this special moment by taking a beautiful photo that recalls the bond between parents and children.

Dads are true superheroes in the eyes of our children, so don't miss the opportunity to share this fun game with them: dressing up as superheroes. As you can see it is very simple and fun, do not forget to take a photo!

There are few things a child enjoys as much as "playing the airplane." Dad's arms become motors and lead them to imagine that they are flying, a moment full of laughter that you can immortalize by taking a nice photo to remember.

Whether it's a carnival or a birthday, or just a rainy afternoon at home, any occasion is good for dressing up! Of pirates and cowboys, of superheroes ... choose the children's favorite costumes and don't forget to take a photo of this special moment.

Walks in the fresh air are a simple activity that can be filled with surprises. Games, fun and adventures await us if we spend an afternoon walking with the children, follow the path that the children mark as this tender dad does.

Who is the strongest? Playing with children to get a pulse is surely one of the simplest games that can be fun for children. Immortalize this game of strength and skill by taking a funny photo of the moment to share with the children

Never say too many "I love you" or give too many kisses, especially if they are not for children. A gesture of affection from dad is the most beautiful gift we can make to a child, it keeps an unforgettable memory of the children's kisses.

Nap time is a time of rest for children ... and for parents too! It is an occasion to relax and enjoy a moment of pampering and hugs. Surely parents and children share many gestures and postures when they sleep, they will love to see it in a photo.

The parents are the official "porters", who carry their children on their shoulders so that they can always see well. Surely you find it a very familiar position, take a photo and keep this memory forever!

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