How to start the process of putting your child up for adoption

Making the decision to give your child up for adoption is very difficult, but if you are already sure of it, there are several guidelines to keep in mind at the time of starting the process.

In each country the system is different, since different laws. However, there are common aspects that you should consider if you are going to give your child up for adoption.

We tell you how start the process of putting your child up for adoption.

It is difficult for the people around you not to judge you, but you must be you who make that decision so important. If it really is firm, then the process begins whenever you want.

If you are pregnant the process will begin the moment you have a clear decision, if you still do not know what to do and you prefer to wait until delivery, you can also do it, since in the hospital where you give birth you can start the process at any time. Do not rushIt is a decision that must be taken calmly.

In countries where there is public health and social servicesAs is the case in Spain, they are the ones who will take care of the entire process once you notify them with a simple call.

A child can be given up for adoption at any time you want, even if the child is older, in cases where the family cannot support their child. Social services will take care of everything, as it is the Condition The one who will be in charge of finding a suitable family for the child's adoption based on some prerequisites.

You can too ask the hospital in which you give birth to be in charge of initiating the paperwork to give the baby up for adoption, if you prefer to wait until the delivery to make the decision.

In other countries where the health is private, as in the United States, are the private adoption agencies those in charge of picking up the child and looking for a family for adoption, although you can also do it through a family lawyer.

In no country is it allowed to give the child up for adoption between individuals, nor sell or buy a childas it is a serious crime. This is to avoid illegal traffic of children, either for prostitution or for organ trafficking.

When looking for an adoption agency you should keep in mind various factors:

- Investigate the adoption agency, look at its website, the comments about it on the internet (search with the word "scam or complaint"), it must have a physical headquarters, a valid license and a professional accreditation.

- That they treat you correctly and be careful with your privacy.

- That you inform correctly of the whole process.

- That they provide you with all means necessary to do so.

- Question about the type of adoptions that exist (open and closed).

- Ask about your right to cancel your consent at the time of delivery.

Take your time in choosing the agency, the future will be involved in that well-being of your child.

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