The iceberg man. Children's story about affection

The iceberg man. Children's story about affection

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The affection, the hugs, the beautiful phrases ... In short, affective education is very important for a full development of the child and a good knowledge of emotions.

For children to understand the impact that affection has on people, we suggest that you read them The Iceberg Man, a precious children's story about affection.

The story of Témpano was very sad but no one around him had bothered to know it. He was abandoned when he was very young in a garbage container and, since then, he had grown up in an environment without affection, without caresses and without heat. Over time, he became colder and colder to the point that his words began to freeze and he did not maintain contact with anyone, in addition, his pale and haggard appearance made people not want him by their side.

One day a family with three children came to town and happily settled in their new home. The middle son, Damien, was an albino and immediately began to be the object of the gazes of those who lived there.

A few days later, a beautiful day dawned, and Damien and his family decided to explore the outskirts of town by heading to the river waterfalls they had heard about.

Shortly before eating, the children wanted to take a bath and went into a natural pool. They swam, they played, they had a great time and when they were going to get out of the water, suddenly, Damián began to shout:

- Something has caught me, help me! - He shouted nervously sinking into the water.

The brothers ran to warn their parents, while Damien, despite knowing how to swim, was losing his strength in despair

Floe as usual, he was sitting in the shade of an apple tree on the river bank and he fell asleep with the sound of the water. At once, screams woke him up. He got up and saw the boy sinking making great fuss. Without thinking, he jumped into the river and while diving, he cut the branch that was holding the boy by his bathing suit and pulled him to the shore. When the boy was safe, as he was used to his own paleness, gratefully caressed the white face of Témpano without showing fear and, although he immediately noticed her coldness, he kissed her on the cheek. Then Iceberg felt something he had never felt before and his face reacted by turning red. The boy then asked him:

- What is your name?

Frightened iceberg said doubting:

- Carmelo - and when he said his name, for the first time and aloud, his words did not freeze.

"I am Damien," said the boy.

The boy's parents arrived immediately and hugged Damien. The boy told them that Carmelo had saved his life. The parents had witnessed everything and, the grateful mother hugged Témpano, who turned red and felt something strange inside her body

From that day on, Damien and his brothers went to look for Témpano at the river to play with him. He was accepted as one of the family and they made him have feelings I would never have known otherwise. For the first time in his life, Témpano, knew what love was.

As important as learning to read is learning to understand what is read, so that children acquire this learning, we suggest that you ask your child these questions about the story:

- Why was Iceberg so cold?

- What happened to Damien?

- How did Témpano feel when he received affection?

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