What you should know before giving up for adoption

This is a very difficult issue for the Biological parents. Taking the step to offer your child for adoption or not will probably be one of the most important decisions of your life, so you must inform yourself well of everything before taking this option definitively.

It is important that it be a totally personal choice, without anyone influencing you, or pressuring you, although you can ask opinions of the trusted people who are around you, if you need it.

There is very relevant information that you should know when consider giving up for adoption.

We are not going to fool you, this is a very difficult decision and one that will never abandon you, but it is a act of love towards your baby, because if you really can't take care of him, it's the best solution you can give him.

- It is totally forbidden to sell or buy the baby, whatever the country.

- You should know that the procedure to give up a baby for adoption, nor the laws in this regard, is not the same in all countries. For example in Spain, adoption between individuals is prohibited, so it is the state that is responsible for collecting the babies, either by social services of each municipality or through the hospitals, in the cases of newborns.

However, in USA, in the absence of public health, adoptions are made through a private lawyer or a adoption agency, and it is usually totally gratuitous deliver your baby.

- What you should never do is abandon the baby anywhere, even if you know that it is a place where you think the baby will be well cared for, since it is totally illegal, as well as a crime.

- Your child does not have to be a baby to give him up for adoption, he may have any age. Although he thinks that the older he is, the more traumatic the whole process will be for him.

- In many countries it is the family doctor or obstetrician the one that can inform you of what you must do to be able to give your child up for adoption.

1- Give the child into custody: Custody is a temporary solution until you can take care of him personally, as you will not lose your rights over your child as a mother or father. This option consists in that the child will be raised by another person for as long as you need it, and always before the child reaches the age of majority.

2- Family adoption. It consists of a member of your own family adopting it so that you can maintain the relationship with the child. It is processed through a specialized family lawyer.

3- Open adoption. It is one in which the adoptive parents of the child allow the biological parents to have a limited relationship with the child, through letters, gifts, and even some visits.

4- Closed adoptions. They are the traditional and most common. In this case the biological parents they lose all contact and rights over the child. It offers great privacy to both parties to the adoption so that each can move on with their lives after the difficult decision.

You must take into account several factors:

- Giving up for adoption can leave you psychological sequelae permanent, as well as making the decision to stay with him if you are not ready for it. Try to surround yourself with people who advise you well, the family is usually a great support as long as they do not decide for you, but rather give you solutions and advice, if not, a psychologist can help you take whatever step is.

- Consult with a family lawyer the doubts you have about it. Many times the first consultation is free.

- If you decide to give your child in reception you should know that you have the right to free legal advice.

- The process is easier if the two biological parents are agreement in the decision to make.

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