The reflection of the bird. Nursery rhyme poem

The reflection of the bird. Nursery rhyme poem

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From our site we want the smallest of the house to also be interested in the world of literature in general and poems in particular.

That is why we present this Nursery rhyme poem: The reflection of the bird. Children tend to have a lot of fun with nursery rhymes and they are very entertaining and some are very funny and curious like this one, which explains to children what happens when we look at each other in the water.

What happens when we look at each other in the water? What is a reflection? You can explain it to your children through the verses of this original and curious short poem about animals for children.

Reflected in the water

the confused bird,

raised his head

that peeked out from the nest.

Hey, friend - he yelled at him -

Are you coming to fly with me?

We look very the same

We'll be good friends.

Bird listen, -he insisted-

You look a lot like me

you have greenish feathers

and the indigo beak.

But the bird without moving

I looked without answering,

and the little bird in the tree

he began to despair.

Hey you unfriendly bird

Is it that you don't see me?

up here - he shouted loud

in the nest of the cypress.

But the reflection of the water

did not deign to answer,

and the one with the angry tree

protesting he flew away.

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